Samsung’s 2023 TV Lineup Is Entirely Dependent On Image Improvements And AI Tricks

Samsung has prioritized automatic HDR conversion for SDR content, a plethora of new apps and software features, and processing improvements in 2023.

With the introduction of its first OLED television model in many years, Samsung radically shook up the television market in 2013. And it utilized a new QD-OLED (quantum dot) panel that produces brighter colors than popular LG OLED televisions.

2023 will be decidedly subdued in comparison. Instead of introducing yet another glitzy new television, Samsung is concentrating on improving its existing products. And the majority of this year’s improvements to Neo QLED (Mini LED in Samsung parlance), QLED (standard LCD sets), and OLED televisions are focused on AI and enhanced image processing. A greater, more three-dimensional sense of depth, enhanced upscaling, and other enhancements are included. Premium hardware features, such as VRR up to 144Hz, are included. Sadly, there is still no Dolby Vision support. However, Samsung’s primary focus is on software.

This is proving to be a recurring theme at CES 2023. Today, the majority of high-end televisions are excellent. Gaming at 4K120Hz and other HDMI 2.1 features no longer experience growing pains. Consumers have the option between ultra-bright Mini LED TVs and ultra-high contrast OLEDs. Now that the hardware is in good shape, TV manufacturers are increasingly focusing on innovative software and image-processing techniques to distinguish their products.

New Neo QLED TVs convert SDR to HDR automatically

Consider the new Neo QLEDs from Samsung. Auto HDR Remastering is a new feature that “uses AI deep learning technology to analyze and apply real-time high dynamic range (HDR) effects to standard dynamic range (SDR) content, making SDR content brighter and more vibrant for absolute immersion.” Some people will be ecstatic about this, while others may be hesitant about how it reimagines the creator’s intent to account for HDR. However, it is optional. The system analyzes the differences between SDR and HDR content using deep learning and then performs the conversion.

Samsung has nearly eliminated blooming by quadrupling the number of dimming blocks in its Mini LED product line, according to the company. In addition, the TVs now employ 14-bit processing to improve shading gradation and reduce compression artifacts, bringing out more detail in various scenes — particularly in dark areas.

Future MicroLED displays are shrinking and becoming more TV-like

Samsung’s modular MicroLED display, The Wall, was introduced several years ago with the promise that it could be customized to any size or shape. More recently, however, Samsung has reduced the size of its MicroLED screens, while maintaining their modularity and lack of bezels, to more conventional TV dimensions. And for the first time in 2023, professional installation will not be required. Samsung describes its new 76-inch MicroLED CX as “the smallest and most affordable MicroLED screen in the world.”

MicroLED CX presages a brighter, more luxurious future for consumer televisions due to its unparalleled screen performance and advanced technologies. In addition, the 76-inch MicroLED CX display’s 20-bit black detail, 240Hz variable refresh rates, and 2-nanosecond response time make it the gold standard for picture quality regardless of what you’re watching or playing.
Samsung has not yet disclosed the “most affordable” price, but it will be significantly more expensive than even the company’s flagship 8K Neo QLED TV. As a refresher, MicroLED offers many of the advantages of OLED (such as self-illuminating pixels) without the organic drawbacks and with virtually no risk of burn-in over extended periods.

Samsung’s improvement strategy The Freestyle requires you to purchase two

The Freestyle, Samsung’s overpriced portable projector, was not to my liking. It has a sleek, ingenious design and many good ideas, but the execution is severely flawed. In 2023, the company will try again with a new “Edge Blending” feature that “enables two Freestyles to synchronize their projections into a single ultra-wide display.”

In this mode, each Freestyle projector projects one-half of the image, and the total image size can reach up to 150 inches. The image is then automatically keystone and adjusted for proper wall display. The Freestyle additionally includes Samsung’s Gaming Hub (including the Xbox app). Samsung has not disclosed whether or not it will offer a brighter output. However, it is optimized for “metaverse applications.” Then, then.

Fit and finish upgrades are being made to the Frame

In 2022, Samsung equipped The Frame with an anti-glare matte finish, which made its artwork mode appear significantly less like a television. This time, the enhancements are somewhat modest. According to the company, new metal bezel options and more realistic wood finishes are available. In addition, a sold-separately “automatic rotating mount allows for landscape or portrait art display” is available.

So many brand-new software functions

The Mother of God Just takes a look at all of this. 8K NFTs. A FaceTime alternative for the television screen. Applications for telemedicine and remote health monitoring Important accessibility improvements. This is in addition to what Samsung has already packed into its Tizen TV operating system. It is a great deal

The Art Store: With access to more than 2,500 pieces curated by world-class galleries, The Art Store enables users to customize the screen to their individual preferences. Art Store 2.0 will feature a more user-friendly interface in 2023. Samsung has partnered with the world’s most prominent NFT marketplaces to distribute this exclusive content in novel ways. The new NFT platform provides a diverse selection of carefully curated NFTs, and the new user interface also includes events promoted by Samsung partners that feature over 1,000 artists. In light of the fact that 8K NFTs are in high demand among buyers of NFTs, Samsung has partnered with Savage, a leading provider of art in 8K resolution.

Relumino Mode is the first technology that enables individuals with low vision to watch their favorite television shows, movies, and video games without the need for any additional hardware. Relumino, which translates to “return the light” in Latin, enables televisions to use artificial intelligence developed by Samsung to dynamically outline the edges of on-screen elements and rebalance colors. This allows virtually everyone to see people, objects, and text more clearly.

Health Monitor is the first TV-based health monitoring service offered by Samsung. Samsung’s new in-home health monitoring technology utilizes an optionally attachable camera to provide users with the ability to monitor their own health without invasive physical diagnostics. From the comfort of your couch, Samsung’s camera analysis measures your heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and stress index. This is accomplished through the use of remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), an intelligent computer vision technology that evaluates vital signs by detecting changes in facial skin color caused by heartbeats.

The system is opt-in, contactless, precise, and user-friendly

Samsung Telemedicine: Samsung Telemedicine is a new application developed specifically for our smart TVs and designed to make telemedicine appointments on a large screen simple for individuals seeking in-home medical care. Users can select from a list of symptoms and indicate how long they’ve been present, and the app will generate a list of available doctors who specialize in those conditions. Typically, a doctor will connect within 60 seconds, then conduct an exam via video conferencing using the app and devices such as a Samsung Galaxy Watch or other devices. Once the exam is complete, users can rate their experience, schedule a follow-up, or remotely fill a prescription and have it delivered to their doorstep using the on-screen application.

Chat Together is the first TV-integrated platform that enables real-time communication while watching live television. It facilitates real-time communication with people outside the home. Moreover, the mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS, enables users to respond quickly to TV and mobile platforms using a single interface. The entire connection procedure is completed by downloading the mobile application and tapping the BLE notification.

In the coming months, Samsung will announce pricing and availability information for its 2023 lineup. There is much to appreciate, but nothing truly revolutionary. If you just purchased a television, this is one of those CES years where you’re probably not too envious of what’s to come.

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