Microsoft Updates Windows Spotlight’s User Interface In The Latest Windows 11 Preview Build

Now available in the Insider Dev Channel is Build 25281.

What you should know

  • Insiders in the Dev Channel are receiving Windows 11 build 25281.
  • This build contains a new Windows Spotlight user interface for testing.
  • In addition, the Windows Settings app now includes an updated page for graphic settings.

Today, Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 11 preview build for Insiders in the Dev Channel, which includes an updated interface for the Windows Spotlight feature accessible from the desktop, as well as an updated settings page for graphics-related options in the Windows Settings app.

Today’s build number is 25281, and it is currently available in the Insider Dev Channel.

When Spotlight Wallpapers are enabled, the new Spotlight UI appears when hovering over the Spotlight icon on the desktop. It will display information about the wallpaper as well as similar images and search suggestions if you wish to learn more.

The new graphics settings page makes it easier to access settings such as Auto-HDR and GPU preference. Below is the complete changelog for today’s build.

Build 25281 changelog:

  • Beginning with this build, we are experimenting with different visual styles for Windows Spotlight. All treatments will continue to share existing core Windows Spotlight features, including hovering over the desktop icon, right-clicking on the desktop icon, and double-clicking on the desktop icon. The enhancements for Spotlight will include a more robust user interface for displaying the image’s title and description and for learning more about the image displayed on the desktop via Spotlight. In addition, we are experimenting with various methods for switching between images with previews, a full-screen experience, and a minimized experience. The Dev Channel’s Insiders will see different treatments on their computers, so not everyone will see the same thing, and the treatments will only be displayed in English.
  • By the new Windows 11 design principles, we’ve redesigned the Settings > Display > Graphics page to make it easier to access graphics configurations such as ‘GPU preference’ and ‘Auto HDR’ The functionality of these settings has not changed from previous versions of Windows, but their visual appearance has been simplified.
  • When printing, the printer icon in the system tray has been modified to better align with other contemporary icons.
  • When using WIN + T and arrow keys to navigate the taskbar, the position of the app icon should now be announced by Narrator (for instance, File Explorer might say “one out of fifteen” if it is in the first position and there are 15 app icons on the taskbar).
  • When network discovery is disabled, the error dialog now points to the correct location to enable it.
  • Fixed a crash in explorer.exe that could occur when closing File Explorer.
  • In Network & Internet Settings, SSID was no longer missing from the properties page for Wi-Fi networks.
  • If you are prompted with the UAC dialog when switching between a private and public network, the UAC dialog should now appear in the foreground rather than behind other windows.
  • After navigating to the Wi-Fi section and closing the flyout, Quick Settings should now be able to be reopened.
  • When right-clicking a snap group in Task View and selecting “show this group on all desktops,” explorer.exe should no longer crash.
  • When the @ mentions window appeared in Outlook, Narrator was no longer announcing its appearance.
  • In recent builds, an issue that could cause some app uninstallations to become stuck and fail has been resolved.
  • In recent builds, a bug was occasionally causing the Windows print queue window to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that could have prevented the launch of SQL Server Management Studio.

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