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Microsoft Edge Just Served Malicious Advertisements to Its Users

The browser was caught displaying malicious ads in its News Feed that led users to a bogus malware attack page.

In recent years, Microsoft has prioritized security in both its operating systems and its browser. However, the tech giant unintentionally allowed agents to serve malicious advertisements on Microsoft Edge’s News Feed, tricking users into thinking their PC was under attack.

A Violent Attack on Microsoft Edge

Malwarebytes discovered Microsoft Edge displaying malicious ads on the News Feed to its users. At first glance, these appear to be regular articles, but when clicked, they redirect you to a website that simulates a browser locker attack and instructs you to call a bogus tech support company to “fix the problem.”

It’s also a useful piece of equipment. The attack examines the browser data of the agent who clicked on it to determine whether it was a bot or a human. If the malicious ad is a bot, it does not display the fake browser locker page; instead, it loads a legitimate article to fool the bot into thinking it is safe. The trap is sprung only when a human clicks it.

As a result, when viewing the News Feed in Microsoft Edge, be cautious of what you click on. And, if you see an alert in your browser after clicking on an article in the News Feed, proceed with caution.

A Crack in Microsoft Edge’s Armor

This is a major setback for Microsoft Edge’s reputation. The company is having difficulty convincing people to switch from Google Chrome and has decided to focus on security to encourage users to try it over other browsers. This includes a new layer of security for Microsoft Edge, which keeps users safe while browsing.

However, now that Microsoft Edge has been caught serving up bad ads in its own news feed, convincing people that its browser is safer than Chrome will be difficult. Let us hope that Microsoft improves its game and prevents similar attacks in the future.

Microsoft Edge has received bad news

With Edge now serving up bad advertisements, Microsoft will need to be much more cautious in the future to keep its users safe. If it doesn’t, Microsoft will have a difficult time convincing people that it’s better than Chrome.

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