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Microsoft Edge Dev’s Most Recent Update Enhances The Read Aloud Feature On Android And iOS

The most recent Edge Dev update brings the browser to version 108.0.1438.1.

What you should know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev’s version has been updated to 108.0.1438.1.
  • The update introduces two new management policies and a small number of bug fixes.
  • Microsoft also enhanced the iOS and Android Read Aloud features.

Microsoft has just made Edge Build 108.0.1438.1 available to Dev Channel Insiders. The update is relatively minor, but two new management policy options have been added. Additionally, it enhances the Read Aloud function on iOS and Android.


  • Implemented a policy to disable Web Select
  • Games added to
  • Added a Workspaces management policy.
  • Added an experimental API for creating Shared Memory buffers with JavaScript objects to WebView2.
  • Improved Read Aloud UX on Android EDGE DEV 108.0.1438.1: Increased dependability

Enhanced iOS Read Aloud highlighting

  • On HoloLens, a restart of the device, while Edge was still active, rendered Edge unusable for navigation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the edge:/management page from loading
  • Fixed a bug where the Shopping prompt appeared repeatedly on the same page.

Enhanced iOS writing application

  • Setting the DownloadRestrictions group policy to BlockPotentiallyDangerousDownloads now does not prevent RDP file downloads.
  • Fixed an issue where none of the Send Feedback dialog buttons worked
  • Fixed issue with YouTube’s 8K video option, which was previously unavailable
  • Resolved the issue in which the scrollbar would become thin when scrolling
  • Fixed Super Resolution’s ability to cause browser crashes


  • Fixed a crash that occurred with Edge Bar
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during Microsoft Rewards signup.
  • Fixed an issue where audio was occasionally distorted when Efficiency Mode was enabled
  • Resolved an issue on mobile where Read Aloud options did not always function.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Shopping tools and features to check out.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a new browser profile
  • Fixed an issue where passwords cannot be imported from a CSV file Fixed an issue on mobile where Guided Switch fails to redirect to the expected page if the page requires a sign-in
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the Translate popup appeared. Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a new browser profile.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when visiting edge:/support/version
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when utilizing the Command Palette in a private window.
  • Fixed a crash when displaying the dropdown for the address bar
  • The issue where placing the cursor on the far right of the screen and using the scroll wheel did not scroll the page has been resolved.
  • Fixed a problem where Netflix video playback failed with error code D7355-1204
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Visual Search from opening when it should
  • The Built-in Certificate Viewer policy has been deprecated.
  • Resolved issue that occurred only when utilizing the built-in duplicator tool
  • Fixed an issue where the browser was unexpectedly crashing when closing and displaying a prompt to restore tabs.
  • Fixed the issue with the browser not loading the pinning wizard
  • The NewSmartScreenEnabled policy is no longer valid.
  • Fixed crash that occurred upon sidebar opening
  • Error with certificates not displaying in the certificate picker if they had a lengthy name has been fixed; they will now display.
  • Corrected print preview dialog that was crashing (going blank) for specific PDFs.
  • Fixed iOS password details to prevent an empty page display.
  • Fixed the Android issue where Read Aloud would no longer function if you disconnected and reconnected to the network while it was reading. Fixed crash when auto-filling passwords.
  • Fixed iOS add new folder and back text trimming issues when using bold text
  • Fixed bugs WebView2 applications would fail if their paths contained Unicode characters.
  • Enable policy NewTabPageAppLauncherEnabled
  • Fixed bugs that prevented certain sites, such as YouTube, from loading. Fixed a browser crash when opening a PWA.
  • Fixed launch crash when installing certain applications
  • Modified Restore session behavior when clicking on the recently closed suggestion
  • Fixed a bug in WebView apps that prevented certain dialogs, such as the File picker, from displaying when the app is executed with administrative privileges.
  • Fixed a bug in WebView applications that prevented them from loading if the path contained specific characters
  • Fixed Special processing is performed for “Save as PDF” to print by the selected percentage and none of the other defaults.
  • When attempting to sign into a browser on iOS and getting stuck in a sign-in loop, this issue has been resolved.
  • Fixed iOS problems that caused a crash upon launch. Fixed the transition to hide when leaving a scrollable area.
  • Android no longer freezes when using accessibility features

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