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Latest Galaxy S23 Rumors Include Brighter Screens, Larger Batteries, And Improved Cooling

All tech enthusiasts now have their sights set on 2023, which is expected to begin with a bang, as 2022 draws to a close. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S23 (rumored to occur on February 1, 2023) is imminent.

Anticipate (many) additional leaks in the coming weeks

A few days ago, the first official promotional images of Samsung’s 2023 flagship lineup were revealed. This implies two essential points. In the first place, it lends credence to the fact that the launch is imminent. If Samsung is already sending out promotional materials, an announcement is likely imminent.

The second implication is that we can anticipate an avalanche of additional leaks in the coming weeks. Historically, once the launch event is officially scheduled, numerous media partners receive exclusive information that is occasionally leaked online. The Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup will likely suffer the same fate.

Once this occurs, there will be almost no room for surprises, and all information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be virtually confirmed. Before that occurs, however, we have a few new pieces of (unofficial) information that we believe to be extremely credible.

More powerful batteries and brighter displays. S23 Ultra lacks the improvements

Today, @IceUniverse, a prolific Samsung informer with an impeccable track record, revealed two new leaks. The information was distributed through the organization’s official Weibo account. It was subsequently confirmed by additional, less prominent sources.

The first information leak relates to the battery specifications of the S23 family. According to IceUniverse, the battery capacity of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ will be upgraded by 200mAh. The S23 Ultra will have the same battery capacity as the model from the previous year.

In addition, the Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra will support 45W wired fast charging, whereas the S23 will continue to be limited to 25W. A comprehensive breakdown and comparison are provided below.

Model Galaxy S22 Galaxy S23 Galaxy S22 Plus Galaxy S23 Plus Galaxy S22 Ultra Galaxy S23 Ultra
Battery Capacity 3700mAh 3900mAh* 4500mAh 4700mAh* 5000mAh 5000mAh*
Peak wired charging speed 25W 25W* 45W 45W* 45W 45W*

* Preliminary information; Upgrades are in bold

The second leak suggests that the S23 will receive an increase in maximum display brightness; the display of the smallest smartphone in the S series should now reach a maximum of 1,750 nits. For comparison, the current Galaxy S22 has a maximum brightness of only 1300 nits.

Note that the maximum brightness of the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra is already 1750 nits. Consequently, this is a substantial upgrade that aligns the standard S23 with its larger siblings.

Enhanced cooling techniques

It is no secret that the Galaxy S series has struggled historically with thermals. This is one of the reasons why it sometimes falls short of the lineup’s intended peak performance. Samsung has been working on a solution, which may finally be on the horizon.

According to a source, the cooling systems of the entire Galaxy S23 family will be improved. Ahmed Qwaider was the first to discover the leak, and Sammobile later covered it in an article.

⭕️Officially and exclusively
Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra will have improved cooling systems🤩

💥S23 improved over S22 1.6
💥S23+ improved over S22+ 2.8
S23 Ultra improved over S22 Ultra 2.3

Samsung has addressed this point significantly during heavy use #GalaxyS23Ultra #A_Q

According to Qwaider, Samsung has “significantly addressed this issue during heavy use.” The S23 is rumored to debut with overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets, which, combined with the enhancement of thermal performance, will likely result in a very powerful flagship.


On paper, this all looks very promising, but nothing is currently set in stone. Amid all the hype and leaks, erroneous information may emerge. Nonetheless, the Galaxy S23 is reportedly on the horizon, and we will be able to test it sooner rather than later.

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