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iPhone 14 Pro is infected with the Google virus! iOS 16 is plagued by multiple bugs, users complain (Apple responds)

It’s no secret that Pixel flagships have been among the most problematic smartphones over the past year or so…

It all began with the promising Pixel 6 series, which, instead of solidifying Google’s position as one of the most dependable and easy-to-recommend Android phone-makers, did… the opposite due to several frustrating hardware and software issues that tech nerds refer to as “bugs”.

Well, the bug problem must have gone viral, because now Apple is experiencing a similar (though less severe) bug infestation! A few days after the official release of the iPhone 14 series, multiple users reported what appeared to be one of the strangest hardware-software issues our industry had ever encountered.

The flaw caused the rear camera system of the iPhone 14 Pro to vibrate, shake, dance, or whatever else you wish to call it. When taking photos or videos in third-party apps such as Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, the camera was either unusable or, in more severe cases, produced audible rattling or grinding.

Some iPhone 14 Pro users are returning their devices out of concern that the camera shake may have compromised the camera’s long-term dependability and durability. If you’ve encountered this bug, Apple should be contacted.

Fortunately, and in stark contrast to Google, Cupertino’s response was lightning fast (no pun intended)! Apple released the necessary iOS 16.0.2 update ahead of schedule, and the ridiculous (yet hilarious) bug was eliminated permanently just days after it was discovered. Unfortunately for Apple, the iPhone 14 Pro bugs, and the story do not end there!

After a month of using the iPhone 14 Pro, it’s safe to say that the iPhone has contracted the Pixel virus! Here are the (many) bugs that I and other iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16 users have experienced over the past month… They number over ten.

Multiple bugs on my iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16 evoke my worst memories of the Google Pixel

The simplest way to tell this tale is by separating it into two parts. First, I’ll outline the issues I’ve personally encountered with Apple’s “impeccable” iPhone 14 Pro.

I’ve encountered significantly fewer bugs on my iPhone 14 Pro than I did on the Pixel 6 Pro after using it for a month in 2021. However, they are still worthy of discussion. Oh, keep in mind that there are no “official names” for these, so I’ll be improvising…

Face ID orientation display bug on my iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 mini running iOS 16

This must be one of the most common iPhone 14 (and iPhone 13) iOS 16 bugs, and as the rumor goes, it involves a new feature.

You may be aware that since the release of iOS 16, some iPhones (certainly newer models) can be unlocked using Face ID in horizontal orientation. Face ID is useful when you’re in bed, watching a video in full-screen mode, or playing games.

The face ID display orientation bug appears as if the iPhone forgot to tilt half of the user interface, leaving you with a broken system. A press of the power button “fixes” the problem.

As for the actual fix, I must admit that I haven’t encountered the issue since upgrading to iOS 16.0.3, but this isn’t an issue that can be observed at any time (since I rarely unlock my phone in landscape mode). Apple has not stated explicitly that this bug has been fixed.

Bug with video playback on my iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16.0.3

I’ve managed to film this strange insect. Simply put, I shot a Cinematic Mode video on my iPhone and was about to play it when I discovered that I couldn’t.

Once more, a simple power off/on cycle resolved the problem, which I had never encountered before (at least so far).

Photos app bug on my iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16

I’m honestly unsure if this bug existed on iOS previously, but I’ve noticed it occurs much more frequently since upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16.

It occurs when you pinch out (you know, when you grab a photo with two fingers in your photos app) to close a photo. The iPhone would create and display a thumbnail of this photo in the bottom left corner of the screen, where it would remain until the app is closed and reopened.

I have recently encountered this bug multiple times, so I do not believe it has been resolved.

48MP editing error on my iPhone 14 Pro (fixed)

As a disclaimer, I must state that this bug has since been fixed (thanks to iOS 16.0.3), but I must still mention it, as we’re discussing the iPhone 14 Pro’s initial bugs.

In a nutshell, editing a 48MP photo on iPhone 14 Pro in its first few weeks was a hit-or-miss proposition, as the photo would take an eternity to apply any edits and eventually crash the entire app.

High-resolution 48MP photo editing requires significantly more processing power than standard 12MP images, and even the iPhone 14 Pro with its unrivaled CPU and GPU performance required optimization to run smoothly. Now, thankfully, it does.

iOS 16 and my iPhone 14 Pro exhibit a copy-paste error

This is by far the most annoying iPhone bug I’ve encountered in recent memory. The cherry on top is that, contrary to what some websites claimed, neither the iOS 16.0.2 nor iOS 16.0.3 update fixed this annoying bug (at least for me).

In any case, iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16 now include this new permission-based feature for copying and pasting text and other information from one app to another. The issue is that the iPhone is intended to request permission by displaying the dialogue box only once and remembering the user’s selection. However, it does not, and I am now prompted to allow/disallow pasting every time I attempt to paste the text into a Google Docs document.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 users complain about iOS 16 bugs on Twitter (Apple responds with an early software update)

And now that we’ve eliminated the iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16 bugs that I discovered, we’ll move on to those that others have encountered and shared online. Let’s just say the list is much longer than I anticipated and is certainly not exhaustive (a simple Google/Reddit search will yield countless iPhone bug reports).

A bug causes the iPhone 14 Pro to freeze, necessitating a restart; another bug prevents the iPhone from being restarted.

“It’s been a long time since my iPhone completely locked up and required a forced restart, but my iPhone 14 Pro did just that!” – Twitter

The iPhone of this user froze and required a restart (this has now been reported by multiple users). Uncertain if the issue has been resolved with the most recent iOS update. It appears to occur when attempting to adjust the volume of AirPods via the control center.

In conjunction with the bug that requires a restart, this bug prevents you from turning off your iPhone to restart/reboot it. For the record, they have not occurred simultaneously (for the same person). Thank the Gods of Apples.

Apple has acknowledged the ‘SIM Not Supported’ bug that prevents iPhone 14 users from using a SIM card.

Some iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users are reporting an error message that reads “SIM Not Supported,” as reported by MacRumors. The flaw may cause the iPhone to completely freeze.

Apple has confirmed the existence of the SIM bug affecting the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, as was reported hours ago. Apple does not yet have a solution for this serious issue. Cupertino requests that users do not attempt to fix the issue themselves, but instead bring their iPhone to an Apple Store or service provider.

Control Centre is corrupted by a bug on iPhone 14 and iOS 16; another bug causes the iPhone to flash like a traffic light.

“Since iOS 16, Control Center has been a mess in numerous ways. Occasionally, the Home cluster decides to do this…” – Twitter

“I’ve been reporting this same bug since June! HOW DID THIS GET TO BE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC?!” – Twitter

The iPhone’s Control Center seems to rearrange itself in mysterious ways for the user pictured above, and a strange combination of Focus Mode presses transforms an iPhone running iOS 16.0.2 into a flashing traffic light or 1980s disco. It is unclear whether the bug has been fixed in iOS 16.0.3.

Dynamic Island and Camera apps fail on iOS 16 for iPhone 14, and iPhone 13 users

Dynamic Island may be one of the most exciting new visual changes to the iPhone in a while, but it’s not perfect, as evidenced by Twitter videos, and some iPhone 14 Pro Max users are experiencing Camera app crashes (which I was able to replicate on iOS 16.0.2) and Spotlight Search inconsistencies.

iPhones can also be buggy, but Android’s issues are typically more severe and more time-consuming to resolve.

As it turns out, iPhones are not always reliable! Yet, they are significantly more stable than some Android smartphones, such as the Pixel 6 launch.

Even though I haven’t used every phone ever released, I can confidently say that every phone has bugs and flaws. This is evident by the fact that Twitter and Reddit contain bug warnings for virtually every device on the market. Also, just because you haven’t encountered a bug on your phone does not mean that others haven’t, and vice versa.

However, in my opinion, the most important aspect of buggy phones, whether they come from Apple, Google, or another company, is:

  • How severe the bugs are and how they affect your phone’s most fundamental functions.
  • How quickly the phone manufacturer addresses and resolves issues before they become extremely annoying.

In this regard, Apple appears to have a significant advantage over Android.

Cupertino’s quick response to the largest iPhone 14 Pro bug (the camera shake issue that sparked the story), which was fixed a few days after being discovered on a two-week-old iPhone, is an example of Apple’s prompt responses to bugs. The exception to this rule is the recently discovered SIM bug, which is still too new to be considered old.

In any case, the severity of the bugs I’ve encountered on Apple and Google smartphones over the past year is arguably the most significant aspect of this discussion. In other words, I’ve never experienced an iPhone that was so buggy that I had to stop using it. Moreover, I have not encountered all of the bugs described in this article.

All Pixel users experienced issues with the Pixel 6 Pro’s fundamental features, including the fingerprint reader, automatic screen brightness, battery life, and overall performance. This prompted me to sell it (about eight months after I purchased it) and purchase an iPhone 13 mini, which has been completely reliable ever since (on iOS 15 and iOS 16).

How would you describe your iPhone 14/iOS 16 experience thus far?

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