HP Refreshes Its Omen Product Line With A New Logo, New Pre-built Desktops, And An IPS Display

Significant alterations have been made to the Omen product family.

Today, two new pre-built gaming desktops and a G-Sync IPS monitor were added to HP’s gaming-focused “Omen” product line. Additionally, HP revamped its Omen Command Center software and completely redesigned the Omen logo.

The majority of these new announcements and alterations will likely be viewed favorably by the community, but the redesign of the Omen logo may prove controversial. Instead of the old tribal mask-like logo that Omen boasted, HP has changed it to be much more simplistic.

It retains the same diamond shape, but now features a gradient from pink to orange and the word “Omen.” There are no distinctive shapes of any kind, and some have argued that this change eliminates the Omen brand identity.

HP, for its part, is quite happy with the new logo, and feels the fresh look will create a “new visual identity” that can “appeal to the entire gaming community.”

We will defer to our readers’ judgment as to whether or not the logo accomplishes this goal. For now, let’s move on to HP’s other Omen announcements, starting with its two latest pre-built desktops; the Omen 25L and 30L. Visually, the desktops are quite sophisticated, with modern, understated black chassis and vibrant diamond-shaped LEDs on the front.

When it comes to hardware, things become somewhat complicated. HP vaguely says the machines can house “up to” an RTX 2080 Ti or an RX 5700 XT, as well as up to an i9-10900K or a Ryzen 9 3900. However, the company does not specify which machine is compatible with which hardware; they only list the starting price of $900 for the 25L and $1200 for the 30L.

The 25L reportedly includes an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, an RX 5700 GPU, and 16GB of DDR4-3200 RAM (expandable to a maximum of 32GB). The 25L features two primary storage drives: a 512GB PCIe NVMe m.2 SSD and a 1TB 7200RPM SATA HDD.

The 30L appears to have the same RAM and storage specifications as its smaller cousin, although it appears to be water-cooled in the product images. It replaces the 5700 with an RTX 2060, but that’s the only significant hardware upgrade we could find, which is somewhat unusual. Initial support for real-time ray tracing and a fancier case may not justify a $300 price premium.

Because the “Shop Now” links for both machines still lead to HP’s previous Omen desktops, it is difficult to determine the exact configuration options for these products. However, desktops begin shipping out tomorrow, so these options will likely be available then; if so, we’ll return and update this article with (hopefully) more precise information.

Both machines ship with Windows 10 Home, a “Black Wired” keyboard and mouse, and nearly identical external I/O port configurations (see the full list here).

The day’s final major Omen announcement was HP’s brand-new Omen 27i, the company’s first gaming-oriented IPS display. As previously stated, it has G-Sync support and a 27″ display with a resolution of 2560x1440p and a peak brightness of 350 nits.

Through overclocking, it has a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 1 ms. The monitor’s bezels appear to be quite thin, and the design as a whole is sufficiently appealing by today’s standards. Even though the 27i is not revolutionary, its $500 price tag makes it an attractive option compared to other IPS monitors with comparable specifications.

Tomorrow (May 5) you will be able to order a 25L or 30L, while the Omen 27i is currently available for purchase.

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