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Galaxy S23 Pricing Is Determined By Profit Considerations And… iPhone 14 Pro?

Recent reports indicate that Samsung will likely fall short of its goal of selling 30 million Galaxy S22 devices before the release of the Galaxy S23 series. According to a separate report, Samsung’s flagship smartphone sales have been sluggish this year, with the Galaxy A lineup accounting for the majority of sales. This has hurt profitability and could force Samsung to increase the price of its Galaxy S23 lineup.

A recent report from a Korean publication indicates that while Samsung’s mobile division’s revenue increased by 13.3 percent year-over-year in the third quarter, the operating profit decreased by approximately 3.6 percent.

Fourth-quarter financial results are also anticipated to fall short of the prior year, primarily because any increase in sales of premium phones was offset by rising component costs, and low-end phones are not particularly profitable.

The Galaxy S23 series will use more expensive new components, such as a custom version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and new cameras, and if prices remain unchanged, the profit margin will decrease. If Samsung raises the price of the Galaxy S23, it could lose market share to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Samsung has not yet decided on Galaxy S23 pricing. Still, given that Apple is expected to surpass Samsung as the largest smartphone vendor this quarter, the Korean company will likely maintain the same prices as the previous generation, i.e. $799 for the Galaxy S23, $999 for the Galaxy S23 Plus, and $1,199 for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Apple is rumored to increase the price of the iPhone 15 Ultra, which may give Samsung a reason to increase the price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Recent rumors regarding the possible cancellation of Apple and Google’s budget phones and the lackluster performance of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus indicate that consumers are willing to pay a premium for premium hardware rather than settling for stripped-down models.

Also, reports indicate that the Galaxy S22 FE is imminent, so Samsung may position it as a budget flagship for those who do not wish to spend a fortune on high-end phones and target affluent consumers with the Galaxy S23.

Story Timeline

  • 30 DEC, 2022: Galaxy S23 pricing is determined by profit considerations and… iPhone 14 Pro?
  • 26 DEC, 2022: The most recent Galaxy S23 leaks indicate brighter screens, larger batteries, and enhanced cooling.
  • 21 DEC, 2022: Another Galaxy S23 listing appears on Geekbench to complete the spec sheet puzzle.
  • 20 DEC, 2022: Samsung Galaxy S23 cases that have leaked further confirm the new design
  • 19 DEC, 2022: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra abandons its predecessor’s 40MP front-facing camera in favor of a 12MP one.
  • 30 NOV, 2022: Just in time for the Galaxy S23, Gorilla Glass Victus 2 with concrete jungle compatibility was announced.
  • 28 NOV, 2022: Samsung is now anticipated to hold the Galaxy S23 Unpacked event in “early February.”
  • 14 NOV, 2022: At least one (new) camera will be standard on all Galaxy S23 models, according to a Korean media outlet.
  • 12 NOV, 2022: A recent Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sample demonstrates how it compares to the Pixel 7 Pro.
  • 06 NOV, 2022: Renders of the Galaxy S23 and S23+ provide a more realistic view of the moderately updated devices.
  • 05 NOV, 2022: All Galaxy S23 models could have longer-lasting batteries.
  • 04 NOV, 2022: Credible new information reveals the complete Samsung Galaxy S23 release date.
  • 31 OCT, 2022: A purported pre-order poster for the Galaxy S23 reveals a late 2022 release date.
  • 28 OCT, 2022: The first sample of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera confirms its reputation.
  • 25 OCT, 2022: Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S23 camera so far
  • 22 OCT, 2022: Galaxy S23 Ultra benchmark results indicate a substantial performance increase
  • 18 OCT, 2022: The Galaxy S23 specifications leak puts a damper on rumors of a long-overdue upgrade.
  • 16 OCT, 2022: Additional (visual) evidence that the Galaxy S23 series will share a design language
  • 06 OCT, 2022: The galaxy S23 series could acquire a limited color palette.
  • 04 OCT, 2022: A new report reveals numerous juicy details about the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra.
  • 01 OCT, 2022: Patent may reveal iPhone-competitive Galaxy S23 Ultra camera feature, but don’t get your hopes up.
  • 29 SEP, 2022: A significant Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra upgrade is confirmed, according to a new report.
  • 28 SEP, 2022: Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra in its refined splendor.¬†Samsung’s Galaxy S23 derivative series could be released sooner than expected.
  • 22 SEP, 2022: A fresh leak reveals a major reason to anticipate Samsung’s Galaxy S23+
  • 10 SEP, 2022: The ‘100% confirmed’ rumor about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera demonstrates what a marvel it will be.
  • 25 AUG, 2022: A reliable Samsung leaker has revealed new, “100% confirmed” Galaxy S23 Ultra design details.
  • 19 AUG, 2022: According to another report, the primary camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be a 200-megapixel beast.
  • 04 AUG, 2022: Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra will not receive a battery upgrade.
  • 27 JUN, 2022: A new report contains unremarkable Samsung Galaxy S23 camera information. Thankfully, the gimmicky Galaxy Z Fold 3 feature will not make it to the Galaxy S23, according to rumors.
  • 21 JUN, 2022: Samsung may finally improve the Galaxy S2’s front camera.
  • 30 MAY, 2022: Which processor will the Galaxy S23 employ? Experts weigh in
  • 25 MAR, 2022: The Galaxy S23 codename reveals bad news for Samsung’s foldable lineup for 2022.
  • 05 MAR, 2022: A Twitter tip reveals how the Galaxy S23’s screen may appear with an under-display camera.
  • 17 FEB, 2022: Samsung hints that the Galaxy S23 line will include an additional bonus item.
  • 03 FEB, 2022: The Galaxy S23 Ultra could feature a curved “waterfall” display on all four sides.
  • 27 DEC, 2021: Samsung’s ludicrous 200MP camera could debut with the Galaxy S23 and be enhanced in subsequent flagship models.

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