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Core i5-1350P Benchmarks Revealed: Slightly Outperforms Predecessor

The forthcoming 13th Gen mobile CPUs from Intel may not be significantly faster than their predecessors.

Intel is anticipated to release the mobile versions of its 13th Generation Core ‘Raptor Lake’ processors in early 2023, so it is not surprising that preliminary benchmark results have begun to leak. This time around, Intel’s Core i5-1350P CPU performance in this synthetic benchmark has been recorded in Primate Labs’ Geekbench 5 database (via Notebookcheck).

Core i5-1350P is a 12-core processor with four high-performance Raptor Cove cores and eight energy-efficient Gracemont cores. According to Intel’s P-series mobile products, it is designed for 28W of base power but can draw up to 64W under heavy loads. This CPU is one of those mobile Raptor Lake processors that will not receive additional cores, so the performance boost over Alder Lake parts (in this case, the model i5-1250P) will be enabled solely by higher turbo clocks and possibly additional performance tuning by PC manufacturers.

When installed in an unannounced Acer TravelMate P614-53, the Core i5-1350P exhibited comparable performance to its predecessor. Since we are discussing laptops, a great deal depends on the OEM’s cooling and power plan.

  Core i5-1350P Core i5-1250P Apple M2 Apple M1 Apple M1 Pro 8C
General specifications 4P, 8E, up to 4.70 GHz 4P, 8E, up to 4.40 GHz 4P, 4E, up to 3.49 GHz 4P, 4E, up to 3.20 GHz 6P, 2E, up to 3.22 GHz
Single-Core | Integer 1479 1424 1759 1597 1616
Single-Core | Float 1781 1732 2083 1896 1896
Single-Core | Crypto 3812 3465 3021 2783 2812
Single-Core | Score 1686 1618 1919 1746 1760
Multi-Core | Integer 8595 8618 8196 7013 8592
Multi-Core | Float 9605 9390 9840 8624 10460
Multi-Core | Crypto 10232 11750 12964 10137 17028
Multi-Core | Score 8980 9006 8928 7653 9574

By a small margin, the new Core i5-1350P CPU outperforms its predecessor Core i5-1250P in single-threaded integer, float, and crypto workloads. It also outperforms its ancestor in multithreaded floating point workloads but falls short in multithreaded integer and crypto operations.

In single-threaded workloads, the new Core i5-1350P was slower than Apple’s M2; however, it outperformed the competitor by 0.5% in multithreaded tasks. In all Geekbench 5 tests, Apple’s eight-core M1 Pro outperforms Intel’s Core i5-1350P.

Because we are dealing with pre-production hardware, we will refrain from drawing any conclusions about the Core i5-1350P. However, given that the new CPU simply has higher clock speeds than its predecessor, we do not anticipate it to be significantly faster than the Core i5-1250P. Still, perhaps some notebook manufacturers can develop a better cooling system and make it run at maximum clocks for much longer, which will have a positive impact on real-world performance (albeit not on performance in Geekbench, which is a synthetic benchmark).

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