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Why you need a shower squeegee in your bathroom – Having a flawless bathroom is just a tool away

Having a cold or hot bath could be very relaxing after a long day at work or at the gym. Keeping your bathroom clean is one of the best ways to have a good bath, and it requires dedication to keep it presentable always.

Keeping your bathroom clean requires using specific tools for maximum productivity and better results, and the squeegee is one of those tools. A squeegee is a bathroom cleaning tool with a wide rubber blade used to get rid of water spots and soap scum from bathroom walls and glass doors. Hard water spots and soap scum makes the bathroom appear dirty than they really are, and getting rid of them is important.

Mount Types for Shower Squeegees

After getting a shower squeegee – it is important to know how to keep it safe, secure and, within reach after use. The bathroom is the best place to keep your squeegee. Most squeegees come in three common mounting types;

  1. Suction

The suction mounting type is the most common form for most squeegees. They are portable and are great for temporary owners – just in case they have to remove their squeegee when moving to a new apartment.

The plastic for squeegees with suction cups tends to dry-out and lose its function gradually, and this is just one of its disadvantages, the other being that it works best when mounted to glass, which is a big deal for people who prefer nothing attached to their glass doors.

  1. Tape

Tapes last longer than suction cups and are not the best idea for temporary homeowners. They are usually fastened with high-quality adhesive. The tape backing usually remains even when the hook has been removed which could be a problem to landlords, and probably attract a fine.

  1. Hanging

With a hoop attached to its handle, the hanging mount type is versatile and works even better than the suction and tape. You wouldn’t have to bother about your lease before making use of it.

Pros & Cons of using a shower squeegee

Just like every other tool on earth, the squeegee has its upsides and downsides. Knowing the pros & cons pretty much helps in knowing a few things about a squeegee.


Here are the benefits of using a squeegee on your glass doors and bathroom walls;

  • Makes cleaning quick and easy

with just a few strokes, a squeegee would get rid of water spots and soap scum.  Using a squeegee frequently will make it easier to clean your bathroom every time you try to. A squeegee with a wide blade makes cleaning quicker and easier. It reduces the accumulation of mildew and mold that might damage your doors and walls.

  • Brings out the fun in cleaning

Trying out different strokes when cleaning makes what is supposed to be a painful and time-taking house chore fun and easy to do. Getting little kids to use the squeegee and make cleaning the bathroom fun is also possible. They’ll keep cleaning and in no time get the bathroom doors and walls to be as good as new.

  • Easy to maintain

Squeegees are not attention-seeking tools. They require no cost or frequent visits to a professional to maintain. All a squeegee needs is an owner that’ll wash, rinse and, air dry it after use. Storing a squeegee is also easy and doesn’t take up much space.

  • Efficient

Unlike using a microfiber cloth or towel, squeegees completely wipe off water on your bathroom walls and glass doors – microfiber cloths fail to do so when they get really wet, they end up leaving a smudge.


There are really no downsides to using a squeegee. All you need is to get used to it and try to get your family and friends to the same. Then you’ll be squeegeeing like a professional.

Other effective cleaning tips

  • Quit using bar soaps

Most bar soaps contain talc, which is responsible for the molds and scum that accumulate in your bathroom. Using a talc-free soap reduces the chances of having buildups in your bathroom.

  • Vinegar

For an even cleaner bathroom, use vinegar on metal frames and other metal products in your bathroom. Let it stay for a while (preferably over the night), then wipe clean in the morning.

  • Baking Soda and Water

A proportionate mixture of baking soda and water makes an effective bathroom scrub for getting rid of soap scum.


It is quite impossible to avoid soap scums and water spots after every bath. Keeping your bathroom clean isn’t always an easy task but is worth every broken sweat. Try to make getting rid of soap scum and water spots using a squeegee, immediately after every shower a habit; this way you don’t have to feel reluctant to show your visitors your bathroom.

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