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Why dogs scratch the ground?

Those who have or have ever had animals know that they often try to communicate with us in different ways. Just like when we run into someone who does not speak our language, we try to make ourselves understood through signs and the odd word, with pets the same thing happens.

However, sometimes we can observe a strange behavior in our dog that does not necessarily imply an attempt of communication on their part, but that it does it by pure instinct. For example, when a dog scratches the ground. Most of the time they do it to file their nails, but sometimes it is a behavior that needs attention. Keep reading this unCOMO article to discover why dogs scratch the ground.

Why do dogs scavenge at home

Many times we have seen our dogs scratching the ground, either at home or in the garden. But what does it mean when a dog scratches? There are several possible answers, but the most common are the following:

  • To file the nails
  • To discharge energy
  • To prepare for delivery (in case of pregnant bitches)
  • To mark the territory
  • For psychological problems

Next, we will talk about each of these points. Take note!

Dogs scratching the floor to file their nails

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the main reasons why a dog scratches the ground is because it needs to file the nails. The nails of the dogs, like ours, do not stop growing, so if you do not cut them, they will have to do it their way. Otherwise, they would have difficulty walking.

If you do not know how to cut your dog’s nails, you can choose to take it to the vet to take care of it for you. Some canine hairdressers also do it, but it is always more advisable that the vet do it, especially if your dog is very nervous and does not let you do anything in the paws. In that case, the veterinarian would administer a small painkiller not to harm the pet.

Digging the ground to discharge accumulated energy

Your dog may also scratch the ground out of nervousness. Some dog breeds are more nervous than others and need you to spend a lot of time so they can run everything they need and, thus, run out. If your dog is very active and does not do all the exercise he would need, he is likely to scratch the ground or the floor to discharge all that accumulated energy.

However, on average, a dog needs his daily walks to last between 30 and 60 minutes to burn all the accumulated energy. Of course, if your dog is more nervous, probably that will not be enough.

My bitch is pregnant and scratches the ground

Another reason that explains why dogs to scratch the floor or floor is, if your dog is female and is pregnant because she is about to give birth. Dogs do not stop being animals, so your instinct will always be ahead.

If your dog is waiting for puppies, she is probably trying to make a nest for the arrival of future babies. If this is the case, give her a comfortable and quiet place so that she feels safe and protected at the time of delivery.

Why dogs scratch the floor after peeing

Why does my dog scratch the floor when urinating or defecating? Have you ever considered it? Most of us tend to think erroneously that they do it to hide their needs for hygienic issues, but the truth is that the reality is very different. Dogs scratch the ground after peeing or defecating to spread their smell and mark their territory.

This is also the reason why dogs usually urinate or defecate where other animals have done so: so that their smell is above the other dog. Also, they usually do so with both the front and back legs. In general, it is often the males who do this, although there are also females who scratch the ground after peeing.

However, sometimes they also scratch the ground after peeing or pooping to hide the smell or “the evidence” that they have spent there facing possible predators. This sometimes happens when your dog is afraid of other dogs.

Why my dog scratches the floor and cries

When a dog scratches the floor and cries, it can usually be either because your pet is pregnant and is looking for a place to give birth, as we explained above, or because it has a psychological problem, such as mental pregnancy. If this is the case, you should take it to the veterinarian. Otherwise, your dog could have severe problems in the future.

It can also be the case that your dog cries and scratches the floor due to separation anxiety, either by people or other animals. In these cases, you will have to be very patient with your dog and give him lots of love until he gets used to the new situation.

Of course, if you see other strange signs in your dog or dog, such as tossing and turning in your bed and crying, nervousness or moans, it is likely to be intestinal parasites. In this case, it is also necessary to take your pet to the veterinarian, because if the parasites continue to grow, they could even end the life of the animal.

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