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Where should newborns sleep at night – Baby bed

What belongs in the cot and what should parents pay attention to – A safe sleeping place in a suitable environment not only promotes a healthy baby’s sleep. Also, he contributes significantly to prevent the sudden infant death syndrome (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: SIDS).

Cradle or bassinet for the first weeks?

Newborns are in the first weeks of life, for example, in a bassinet or a swing cradle in good hands. The sleeping space is not too big; the baby feels softly enveloped and secure. Nevertheless, the lying surface should at least be sized so that the air can circulate well.

There must be no danger of overheating or rebreathing. If the baby becomes restless for no apparent reason, gentle rocking or quiet shuffling will help him quickly return to the land of dreams.

Also well suited are a so-called balcony or night beds, which can be attached directly to the bed of the parents.Important here is the professional installation so that no gap is created between the nursing bed and the parent bed.

Baby bed from birth?

Parents who want to use a cot from the beginning can zoom in optically. Then her baby is not so lost in it. Short skies, which only extend to the top of the cot and TÜV-tested nest of very thin layers of cloth that can be securely attached to the bars are well suited for this purpose.

Thick, bulky materials to reduce the size of the bed are forbidden. On the one hand, they carry the risk of heat build-up, on the other hand, the baby could sink into it with his face and suffocate. Stiftung Warentest, therefore, gives the recommendation to refrain from nesting completely.

If you want to put your child in a cot from the beginning, this should have its place in the parents’ bedroom. As a rule, cots are constructed in such a way that they can later be reconstructed in just a few simple steps, allowing them to coordinate with the physical development of the child. When purchasing, parents should make sure that the slat can be adjusted even without great manual skill, in several stages concerning its height.

Removable bars or “sticks” transform the cot into a cuddly junior bed at no extra cost. Some baby bed models also include a conversion kit, for example, from other side parts or a lower head and foot part exists. High-quality baby cots can, therefore, accompany the little ones through sweet dreams for several years.

Baby-friendly equipment of the bed

No matter whether the parents decide for the first time for a cradle, a bassinet, a balcony bed or rather for a “growing” cot: large pillows, blankets, sheepskin, hot water bottles, heating pads and cuddly toys have nothing to look for.

The risk of overheating or suffocation is just too big.

Special baby sleeping bags, which the little ones can neither pull over their heads nor trample off, are perfect.

The most important selection criterion here is the suitable length. If the sleeping bag is properly seated but does not restrict the freedom of movement, there is little risk of the baby turning into the prone position of risk for SIDS (sudden infant death).

Experts also advise against storage pillows or rolled-up towels as storage aids in the cot today.

While earlier it was argued that lateral sleeping posture has a positive effect on breathing and the development of a harmonious head shape, physicians today advise the supine position as the best sleeping position.

Avoid accidents

When choosing a baby bed, make sure that accidents are virtually eliminated. There must be no protruding parts, sharp edges or gaps. GS seal, TÜV certificates and test labels of the Stiftung Warentest already give a certain security in this regard. Furthermore, parents should control the following:

  • Cords, rubber bands or cords that could catch the baby should not be within reach.
  • The same applies to canopy or mosquito nets.
  • All screws, bolts and other mounting parts on the cot must be secure.
  • A rocking cradle or the bassinet must be so stable that older siblings can not knock them over.
  • The bar distance of a lattice baby bed must be such that the baby can not slip.
  • The mattress must be the right size for the baby bed. There must be no gaps between the frame and the mattress.
  • The sheet should be raised so that it cannot be loosened or pulled out by the baby.

The right sleep temperature

To play around 20 ° C, for sleeping between 16 ° C and 18 ° C optimal. Short “butt ventilation” is better than permanently tilted windows. As well as the baby bed should not be too warm, is at the same time strongly advised against too thick clothes. Whether the baby is too warm or too cold, feel the parents by holding it between the shoulder blades. If it feels warm there, everything is fine.


In the cradle or the bassinet, the baby sleeps safely until it begins to turn on its own. Then it’s time for your bed.
The supine position is baby’s best sleeping posture.
In addition to the right baby bed, a healthy sleeping environment in the baby room is important.

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