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What to Do If a Cat Bites You?

Does your cat sometimes bite you? Many times, these felines what they do is show that they want to play and download energy with bites that, deep down, are “playful.” But it may be that the animal does not finish controlling its strength and that, therefore, it causes some bites that are painful or annoying. In these cases, it is important to know how to act to teach the animal to control its behavior positively. In this uncommon article we are going to answer your question “What to Do If a Cat Bites You?” and, for that reason, we will give you the keys that you have to know to overcome this situation.

My cat attacks me: what can I do?

When a cat bites you or attacks you, it is important to teach him to set limits to his behavior so that, in this way, your coexistence will be as good as possible. You must know some tricks to train the animal and get it to control their natural impulses better.

Here we will find out what to do if your cat bites you by giving you the best tricks you must perform to calm your anxiety and allow it to control your energy.

Set the limits

It is possible that your cat attacks you because he wants to play with you but, in these cases, it is important that you mark the limits well so that he knows how to control his energy. A good trick is that the animal has a scraper so that it can file its nails and that, also, it has toys and elements to distract itself.

Also, it is essential that you spend a little time each day playing with him so that he can have fun with you without having to bite you. The toys will serve as the limit between your hand and the animal, so you will get used to “biting” these objects instead of attacking your skin. Here we discover how to make homemade toys for cats.

Corrects the animal

If you want your cat to behave well, it is important that you educate and train it. When the animal bites you, what you must do is correct its attitude and, for that, you should NOT scream since you will only scare it. Try to correct it with your attitude, that is, do not give him love or mimes when he bites you, nor, immediately, afterward. Neither should you give food or sweets because the animal will associate it with something positive.

Leave your space

Many times, cat bites are symptoms that the animal needs more space. We must not forget that the nature of these felines is solitary and independent. Therefore, it may be that the act of biting is a way of expressing yourself and telling you that you need more space. Your bites can also be an indicator that there is something you do that you do not like, for example, take it from the floor, hug it, and so on.

Go to the vet

If you see that your cat does not improve after these tips, we recommend that you take it to the veterinarian. Many times, aggressiveness in pleasures is only a sign that the animal is suffering from some health complication. Therefore, take it to visit an expert to tell you how you can help the animal.

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Why my cat bites me: the main causes

Now that we’ve told you what to do if your cat bites you, it’s essential to understand your animal’s attitude better. That is, it is essential to know the reasons, the causes, why the cat acts in this way with you.

You should know that different reasons can make an animal react aggressively. But, in general terms, the most common are those that we name below:

Want to play

In the case that the cat that bites you is a puppy you should know that, at these ages, it is usually common for cats to play with these bites. Think that, at this age, the animal does not control its strength and, therefore, it may be that it gives you a bit stronger than expected. In these cases, the best thing you can do is incorporate toys so that the animal understands that it is with them that they must play and bite and not with your hands.

Feline stress

Another of the most common causes of a cat being able to bite is that they are stressed. This situation is much more common than you can imagine since these animals are usually very alert to everything that happens around them. Therefore, if you live in a noisy house or with other animals, it is possible that the cat is not 100% calm and, thus, may end up biting. In these cases, it is important to learn to relax a cat and, also, reduce the level of stress so that it lives optimally.

Have a disease

It is possible that the animal reacts aggressively with these bites because it is not quite right. When cats are sick or suffer from some discomfort, they may be more irritable or feel that they have to protect themselves more because they feel helpless. In these cases, the only solution is to take the animal to the veterinarian for a complete health examination. In this other article, we help you to know if your cat is sick.

My cat bites my feet: causes and solutions

It is also possible that the animal has a fixation with your feet. It is very common that you are cooking or ironing, and the cat goes directly to your feet to bite and play with them. This behavior has the name of “tiger-cat syndrome,” and it usually appears in animals that are bored or that spend most of the day alone. With this behavior, the animal is expressing to us that it wants us to pay attention to it.

In these cases, if you want to know what to do if your cat bites your feet, you have to follow these tips:

  • Spend more time with your cat: as we have said, this type of “attack” has a specific significance and is that the animal is asking us for more attention and more time in our company. Therefore, try to spend more time playing with him, caressing him, etcetera. Make him feel cared for and loved at home and, well, stop biting your feet.
  • Play with him: it is also possible that he is bored and, therefore, the best solution is to play with him for a longer time. Buy toys or throw a ball for her to find her. Many of these animals need to discharge energy and, for this, they need someone to play with them. In this article, we give you some tips so that you know how to play with a cat and that, well, you spend both in a fantastic way.

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