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what size longboard surfboard should i get

Longboards are becoming more and more popular and have long since succeeded to become a major competitor for classic skateboards. In direct comparison to the skateboard, the Longboard is slightly longer and therefore convinces through a pleasant driving feeling and a good connection to the road. Anyone who is concerned with the idea of buying a longboard and getting to know this exciting hobby is to deal with the wide range of different manufacturers. Above all, the top brands produce a comparatively high number of entry-level models, which are perfect for adapting movement sequences, braking techniques and tricks step by step, The respective longboards differ regarding their optics and construction.

From classic to sharp optical highlights and simple boards

Due to the great demand for longboards in all variations, the popular devices in these days are both:

  • visually striking under the use of bright colors
  • plain in black or gray
  • imaginative with fancy patterns

offered. As a beginner on a longboard at any time, you should always opt for a model that appeals to you both optically and functionally. The vast selection regarding unusual and rather simple models also makes it possible to find a board that can be optimally combined with the own clothing style or the colors of the respective protective equipment. In any case, take sufficient time to test the assortment of the best manufacturers from the current Longboard test know.

The most popular Longboard finishes compared – the board for your style

Even if beginners often find it difficult to keep the original construction of the different longboards apart, there are significant differences in the respective development and the associated application area. The most common boards in this context include:

Board typeHints
 CarverThe carving longboard, which supports different driving styles and allows for special moves in the respective category.
 CruiserThe cruiser, which is aimed at both beginners and advanced riders, and is therefore always popular on the road and halfpipe.
 FreerideThe freeride longboards, which also offer you the flexibility that you expect from a high-quality sports equipment.

If you are a bit concerned with the large range and the different construction methods of the longboards, you will soon find that the market offers enough opportunities for beginners as well as advanced riders to achieve their own sporting goals. Therefore, before you buy, you should consider where and how you would like to use your longboard in the future, and then decide for a model which can be used both within the framework of the as well as in the context of the experience reports of the other users.

Customer feedback as an important starting point – benefit from the experience of other beginners

Nobody understands a beginner in the longboard area as well as someone who stood on a longboard even a few weeks ago on shaky legs. Therefore, always use the recommendations of other Longboard drivers from the Internet and be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual brands!

Especially about:

  • cheap prices
  • a robust construction and high-quality materials
  • popular designs

The experiences of other customers provide valuable information. These ideally represent an addition to the results of the current test and thus lead you to a longboard that can meet your high requirements about several factors, including your driving style.

Classic entry-level model or flexible all-rounder? – which board is suitable for your personal needs

Above all, beginners in the area of longboarding are afraid of choosing a model from the higher-priced categories. Many customers opt to use a longboard, which is primarily intended to learn driving and braking techniques, and thus to get safely from A to B. Only then, if the former beginner also for the practice of tricks or driving on the halfpipe interested, it is noticeable that the purchase of another board would have been more useful sometimes.

So ask yourself first before you buy what you would like to experience with your board! If you only use the longboard to make your way to work more comfortable or reach the bus stop a little faster in the morning, a classic entry-level model is usually enough.

Tip! If you are still planning to develop your own in the field of longboarding, you better choose a model such as the cruiser, which allows you to ride different rides as well as the adventurous moves on the halfpipe.

Fitness for the whole body – the flex boards!

The flex boards also belong to the longboards but are characterized by an exceptional driving style. Using the entire body, the user moves here at a comparatively fast pace from A to B. Due to the specific movements, not only is a good condition, but also a sufficient coordination is required. With a little practice, however, the first successes, especially on the flex board, can be achieved, which can then be specifically expanded.

The experiences of the other users show that the flex boards partly require a different movement sequence than the classic longboards, but also clearly confessed to beginners on the flex boards their first steps in the board area dared before in the second step an additional, classic Longboard increased.

Advantages and disadvantages of longboards

  • more footprint
  • better hold
  • ideal for long distances – even in everyday life
  • not all boards are suitable for tricks

Do not boast without suitable protective equipment! – The “must-have” for beginners and advanced

No matter whether you’re about to buy your first longboard or a long-term fever: a protective equipment that usually consists of:

  • a helmet
  • knee pads
  • elbow protectors

And can also be supplemented if necessary by a high-quality back protector, should be the standard. The right safety equipment protects you from damage and damage, thanks to the high-quality materials and the low weight, not during the day. Use the latest developments in the market for longboards in your favor and choose the best quality and modern sports articles from the leading manufacturers.

Tip! Have fun with a new hobby that will, in all likelihood, not let you go!

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