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What Can Be The Amount Of Cost Using a Radiant Barrier?

Do you want to use the radiant barrier for your home? Don’t you have any idea about the costs of using the radiant barrier? Don’t worry, and we are here to help you to solve this problem. Here we provide you all the information that you need to know for using a radiant barrier. Read this content on What Can Be The Amount Of Cost Using a Radiant Barrier? Or you can check first best radiant barrier.

We are going to discuss the working process of a radiant barrier. We will discuss the costs of using the radiant barrier and its savings as well. So let’s talk further details about the radiant barrier.

What Can Be The Amount Of Cost Using a Radiant Barrier?
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Working Process of a Radiant Barrier:

The radiant barrier is the aluminum foil material that we install in the attic to reduce summer heat. It usually uses for conducting the heat-reducing action to save cooling costs. Highly reflective material reflects radiant heat. However, it can’t reduce the heat like the thermal insulation.

How do They work?

We all know that heat travel from the hot to the cooling area. It occurs by a combination of convection, conduction, and radiation process.

  • Conduction process: Heat travel to the hot space to the more relaxed area by conduction process. For example, if you place a steel spoon on a cup of warm milk, you will feel the heat at your hand after a few seconds.
  • Convection process: Heat flows by convection process during the liquid becomes gas/ air. In this process, the liquid becomes less dense than the more cooling condition.

For example, if we heat the water, it will lose it’s dense and rises. If we cool it again, then it will come back to its original form.

  • Radiation process: In this process, heat transfers in a straight line from a surface. Then absorbs by stable things that enable heat absorption.

The radiant barriers work by reducing radiant heat so that it can not pass through the attic. You need to make sure of an air gap between the roof’s surface and the radiant barrier. It will reduce the heat giant and keep your interior temperature cooler even in the summer. Similarly, it will keep your interior warmer in the winter.

You should install the radiant barrier either by hiring a pro, and you can do that by yourself. We always recommend you to hire a pro to install the radiant barrier. The effectiveness of the radiant barrier depends on its proper installation. Do you want to install it by yourself? Then read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions before installing it.

The sun’s heat travels from the roof to your interior that increases the room temperature. It occurs by following the conduction and radiation process. The radiant barrier helps to prevent the radiation process that reduces temperature.

It helps to reduce the radiant heat flows through the attic to the interior. That keeps your interior cooler in summer. Radiant barriers work great in summer than winter. It can reduce your cooling costs by more than 5% in summer.

Costs of Using Radiant Barriers:

Radiant Barrier’s Costs defer according to its quality as well as the quantity. The bright barrier installation process can cost you from $735 to $2850. The average costs can run $1705. With the lowest rate of $0.10 per square foot, it can increase to $0.95. You have to pay $30-$80 per hour for pro installers.

Radiant Barrier Installation Cost depends on the following aspects as well.

  • Size of space: The cost of radiant barrier installation will vary according to the size of your space. To determine the area that you want to wrap with the radiant barrier. Then, calculate the expenses that start from $0.10 per square foot. It may increase according to the quality of the radiant barrier.
  • Location of insulation: The radiant barrier installation costs can depend on the location of your insulation. You can install the radiant barrier over the insulation to better performance.
  • One-sided foil and two-sided foil: The cost of the radiant barrier also depends on its feature. If the barrier is one-sided, then it will cost $0.10-$0.25. The double-sided barrier requires more because it reflects heat from both sides.
  • DIY installation vs. professional: DIY installation costs less than the professional installation. Professional installers charge $30-$80 per hour.

Savings from Radiant Barriers:

You can save up to 10% of your heating bill in summer that will save $120 per year. You can save up to $15 per year in the winter or more refreshing environment. Upgrade to R19 insulation to save heating bills up to $180-$300 per year. So, it is clear that you can save your cooler bill by installing the radiant barrier in your attic.


What Can Be The Amount Of Cost Using a Radiant Barrier? We hope you got a complete idea about the radiant barrier installation costs. Determine everything that we suggest to plan within your budget. Stay in a cooler as well as a comfortable environment, even in summer.

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