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WEN 6530 Review

WEN 6530

The WEN 6530 6-Amp hand planer is an essential device for the woodworkers. It helps the carpenters to make an accurate fix to the stable doors. Also, it improves a lot in forming the post edges by slicing away the holes until the board surface is adjusted. It is an excellent choice for the severe woodworkers since it has the most outstanding ability to deliver over 34,000 cuts in a minute. It has impressive characteristics that perform it the best option for many. I observed how great were its outputs, and that is impressive.

  • Motor power: 6-amp
  • Cuts: 34,000 per minute
  • Weight: 7.95 pounds
  • Product dimension: 12 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • It includes a reversible dust bag, parallel fence bracket, rabbeting guide, chamfer groove and a kickstand


  • Per minute it can cut around 34,000 cuts
  • It has a reversible dust bag, which will help to turn your planer easily
  • You can cut straight and parallel because of its parallel front bracket
  • Gives variation of cuts by using a double-sided blade
  • It can smooth cutting post holes
  • It has a built-in wrench
  • It has a protecting kickstand



  • The dust bag is little that it loads up very quickly
  • The kickstand can be awkward to move

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With WEN 6530 you is another low priced but high performing planer. It also provides precision, flexibility, comfort and increased productivity and power at this price. It is great in power and pace that will let you work it in any outlines. By purchasing it, you are not only maintaining energy and money but most importantly your valuable time.

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