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Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Leaf Blower Review

The Weed Eater WEB160 7.5 amp Electric Blower is one of our lowest priced leaf blowers, but also one of the highest rated among consumers. This electrically powered blower features a 7.5 amp motor that can generate air speeds of up to 160 MPH, perfect for everyday lawn chores around the yard.

One advantage to the Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Leaf Blower is that it’s one of the lightest units available. Weighing in at 4.5 pounds, even a child could handle this one. Forget user fatigue; this blower could be used for extended periods of time without experiencing sore arms later. Also, the ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip.

The Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Leaf Blower is going to work best for your lighter weight jobs such as cleaning debris off of sidewalks and driveways and clearing out the garage. Use it to easily clear up grass clippings left after mowing and blow away any material from your porch steps or deck.

Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Leaf Blower Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 7 pounds
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • 7.5 Amp electric engine
  • Air Speed: Up to 160 MPH
  • Air Volume: 240 CFM
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort

Weed Eater WEB160 Leaf Blower Reviews

The Weed Eater Leaf Blower WEB160 has received around 50 customer reviews with the vast majority being positive. In fact, the average consumer rating for the blower is 4.6 stars out of 5 stars and, of those, 75% rated it four stars or better.

The reviewers point out that the Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Leaf Blower is one of the lightest blowers they’ve ever used. As compared to a gas powered unit, consumers had an easier time handling it and found it perfect to use for smaller cleaning jobs. One reviewer commented that while it’s not as powerful as a gas model, the lightweight design and maneuverability more than make up for the slight loss in power.

One reviewer mentioned that he liked the fact that the blower comes fully assembled. Many models today require some assembly before the first use. This unit is ready to go from the moment it arrives.

Another reviewer commented that he uses the blower to blow snow off of the steps and entry to his home, and another commented that the Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Leaf Blower is used several times a week for cleaning leaves up and removing debris from the yard.

There weren’t too many complaints around the Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Leaf Blower. Two reviewers found that the unit didn’t last very long. This could be due to receiving defective products. One reviewer pointed out that if you have really large jobs to do, this probably isn’t going to have the power you’re looking for, but for the average user, it will work just fine.

Our Verdict

You can’t argue with great ratings, and the Weed Eater WEB160 has certainly earned its place among our top-rated leaf blowers. For smaller, day-to-day lawn jobs, you really can’t go wrong given the power this blower has about its price.

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