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Wahoo speed sensor review – Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Review

You might be impressed at how you can use your Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 as a cycling computer. The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor are designed to record information on how well you are cycling and the effort you are putting in when getting any workout running. This is a very smart product that is worth spotting so you’ll have something that runs right for your goals.

Works Like a Charm

The Blue SC sensor uses a small battery and will record information on your travels. It will then link to a supported iPhone model through the Bluetooth Smart 4.0 feature. This will be used to create a full display on your phone. This display will include details on the number of miles you’ve ridden. It particularly measures the tire rotation rate and the cadence or pedal rate on your bike without any wires required.

Doesn’t Take Much to Install

The installation process is simple what with there being no wires. The bike uses a clamping design that features a grip that can go to the back of your bike. It even works with cadence magnets to review what’s on your unit. In fact, the unit can work at up to ten feet away from your phone.

Many Apple Devices Supported

While the Blue SC sensor works particularly for the iPhone 4S and five models, it can also work on other devices. These include the newest generations of the iPod Touch, iPad and iPod Mini. These Apple devices can all work with many similar features.

Works With Many Apps

You can get different applications to link up to this sensor. Wahoo Fitness’ software can link to different training apps like MapMyRide, LiveCycling, Roadbike Pro and Strava Cycling just to name a few.

Who Would Buy This?

This model is best for people who have strong needs for working with different Apple cycling apps and need help with getting their cycling records in real time. This sensor will make it easier for your cycling workouts to be analyzed. The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor should be viable for those who use Apple devices and want to learn more about what they do when cycling.

Value for Money

This is a great product when you see how well it can be used without any problems. This device can work without asking you to get something like a larger series of wires ready or even a new device. This will be ideal for all your cycling plans as it can install itself with ease and will work without any obstructions.

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