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How to Use Dog Clippers?

At any time of the year, but especially in summer, it is possible that your dog needs a good haircut. If you want to save money for the dog grooming, better invest in a dog hair clipper, get suitable scissors and become your new stylist.

Necessary equipment

To mow, comb, brush, maintain the hair, clean the ears, the eyes of your dog … place your dog on a grooming table.

Before mowing your dog, you must first take certain precautions. To give yourself every chance to succeed in a beautiful mowing, it is better to equip yourself with the necessary equipment. A good dogmower with cutting combs, a grooming table, scissors for finishing. Also, to groom your dog, shampoo, a dryer, a brush, etc.
Use method for cutting long hair. Follow some basic tips and with good professional equipment everything will go well, you will succeed.
Your dog needs a cut? The hair is long and you have decided to do it yourself and not to use a professional groomer. You can be sure of success however it requires good equipment. As the saying goes, “the right tools make good workers.”
Specialist tips:  choose a good trimmer,  grooming table to place the dog in height, scissors with round ends for finishing (head, ears, paws), a dog brush, shampoo and a dryer.


To carry out the cut, you have to choose a place where your dog feels comfortable and relaxed. You can upload it to a table and tie it with your leash, so you can not move too much. This will prevent you from getting hurt when you are maneuvering with the hair clipper or scissors. You can also ask for help from a family member to support you while you do the job of a hairdresser.

Before all, inspect your pet to make sure he has no wounds or ticks that may cause him pain during the cut. And, if you have a puppy, keep in mind that you can cut your hair after four months when you have finished developing your immune system. Hands-on, then.

  • Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary tools available for your work.
  • First and foremost, comb and brush your dog well to disentangle its fur properly. You will remove the dead hair and eliminate possible knots.
  • Ideally, you should begin to trim the areas with the most hair with scissors.
  • Before using the machine, you can do a simulation, passing it backward. This way he will get accustomed and will enter, little by little, in confidence. Consider, also, the possibility that there is no way to pass the cutter, as your pet can be greatly disturbed by this situation. In that case, you’ll have to make do with just the scissors and a comb or brush.
  • Turn off the machine every so often, to avoid overheating and thus not burn your dog. By the way, you remove the accumulated hair.
  • The machine should always be used in the direction of your dog’s fur. The idea is that you use it for the parts with more hair, reserving the scissors for the most delicate areas.
  • Remember that the most sensitive areas of your pet’s body are the face, belly and front legs. Go very slowly in these sectors.
  • Important fact When cutting with the machine rapes all the hair at the same time: the undercoat and the layer of dead hair and the one of young hair. For this reason, with the passage of time, the coat of your pet can weaken. Ideally, you should use the scissors as much as possible. Maybe you get excited about them and it is not necessary to use the cutter a lot.
  • Be very careful when handling scissors. It is better to use the rounded tip, especially in the most sensitive places.

Some details about the canine haircut

  • Keep in mind that the idea is that your pet feels more comfortable after the cut.
  • You do not have to dress as a coiffeur or hairdresser for it.
  • Remember that,  with rain and humidity, our friend’s coat can become smelly. That is why it is better to keep it level at certain times of the year. And, also, you will avoid that your house is filled with dead hairs everywhere.

 It is important that you know that your dog’s coat is not there to protect it from the cold. It also serves to preserve it from the sun. If your dog is very pink skin and has little hair, maybe it is not the best idea to clean it up to scratch, as it can suffer from sunburn or rashes.

When you perform the haircut, you will save your pet from the stress that would surely generate a visit to the dog grooming. Although the person in charge can be a professional, it is not someone of total trust of your pet, as you are.

Once the cut, do not forget to emphasize that he behaved very well and, if you want, you can reward him with food that he likes, with a toy of his preference and, above all, with many caresses. If you want, you can finish with a bath: this will remove all the loose hair and will be even more beautiful.

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