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Tips for Traveling with Baby

Although the following recommendations are helpful tips for traveling with babies, you should know that even the best travel preparation cannot prevent one or two minor travel complications.

Relaxed travel with baby & toddler: 8 tips for a stress-free arrival

However, a proactive travel organization often helps to resolve travel issues quickly and increases the likelihood that your baby holidays will be an enjoyable experience for all travelers.

1. Travel Tip: Plan, but be flexible too

Of course, it is important to plan a trip with baby in detail. But do not screw up your expectations regarding the implementation of your plans too high. Design your planning so that you can cancel or postpone specific travel plans at any time, and try to avoid time pressure as much as possible from the outset. Excessive diapers, nausea, fatigue, or unplanned meal breaks and nursing breaks can completely disrupt schedules. Calculate in addition to the travel time therefore also sufficient breaks.

2. Travel tip: Think about safety

To effectively counter possible emergencies or dangers, the following precautionary measures have proved successful:

  • Compile the emergency pharmacy and arrange it at hand
  • Take safety aids with you (door stoppers, child safety locks, etc.)
  • Pack sunscreen (sunscreen, sunscreen for the car, headgear)
  • Take the small fellow travelers in a bright-bright outfit on the trip, to find them in a more massive crowd if necessary, as well as
  • deposit the most important personal and contact details of your child in their clothing if they are unintentionally separated from one another.

3. Travel tip: Prepare your baby for the planned trip

The feeling with which you begin the journey, usually also takes over your baby. If you are very anxious and excited from the beginning, there is a high likelihood that your child will feel that way and react accordingly. Provide your baby with anticipation and rest, so it will probably feel your desire to travel and travel in a good mood.

4. Travel Tip: Do not forget toys

Long journeys by car or train as well as flights lasting several hours can become very dull for babies and toddlers in the long run. Therefore, think of age-appropriate toy to expire emerging boredom as soon as possible. For babies from the 5th / 6th month of life are rattles, stuffed animals, plastic bowls or tooth teething rings an exciting change.

5. Travel tip: Get a doppelganger of your favorite cuddly toy

Even if the likelihood is low, the cuddly blanket or the favorite teddy can be lost quickly on vacation . To cope with this rightly sad situation, a cuddly double can promptly save the position. You should replace the doppelganger regularly with the original, so that both are in use and not a toy is still brand new.

6. Travel tip: Take enough snacks and plenty of water

 Nibbles, apple pieces, raisins or grapes – a small travel snack is a must when traveling with babies and young children. This bridges long periods without food, such as motorway traffic jams.

But beware! It is always best to take a short break at a rest area and eat there, as in the car, the child is unobserved in the back seat and there is a danger of swallowing. Water is also essential because babies and small children dehydrate faster than adults.

7. Travel tip: You would like to go on vacation? You should note this:

Speaking from a pediatrician point of view, nothing against baby or toddlers to undertake a flight. The recommendation of the doctors is often to wait until the sixth week of life before a baby starts his first flight.

Keep in mind. However, that newborn infants may be very susceptible to pathogens in the first few weeks, and the aircraft’s air conditioning system may easily cause unwanted infection with other passengers’ viruses and bacteria. If your baby already has a cold and suffers from an ear infection or even an otitis media, many pediatricians advise against a flight.

Since babies can not balance the pressure, we often recommend doctors to give a special nasal spray on take-off and landing, or to nurse the baby during this time. It is best to discuss this with your pediatrician before traveling.

 For mothers who want to fly shortly after childbirth, the following applies: It is better to fly after the time of the week’s bed because there is an increased risk of thrombosis.

8. Travel Tip: Never lose your humor

Despite a thorough preparation, try to look at the progress of your journey with peace, flexibility and, above all, fun. For example, if you discover that not only your baby but you also need a change of clothes and are unfortunately not in your hand luggage, stay calm! So annoying or maybe embarrassing the one or the other mishap on vacation seems so funny it will be later to report and laugh about it.

Everything that goes wrong with babies, small and big children, guaranteed in the future for one or the other smiles when looking at the holiday pictures.

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