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Ti 89 Titanium Programmable Graphing Calculator Review

The TI-89 Titanium is one of my favorite graphical calculators with a computer algebra system (or CAS). The original TI-89, a smaller version of the old TI-92, was released in 1998 after Texas Instruments realized that students do not want to pack a suitcase to bring their calculator to class. The TI-92 was a very good calculator, but it was huge. Since it had a QWERTY keyboard (or QWERTY for English versions), it was banned for almost all conventional exams. For some reason, it was felt that having a QWERTY keyboard gives students an insurmountable advantage over those who do not have it.

In contrast, the TI-89, which has an almost identical menu system and features quite similar, while keeping the size of a normal graphing calculator is allowed in almost all types of exams.

Since 2004, the most recent version of this calculator is the TI-89 Titanium. The Titanium version has more memory, a smoother look than the original, and an operating system that can easily be updated. Texas Instruments offers an important place to the TI-89 even today: you can always go to their website to update the operating system . You can also add apps for free as all apps are free and open access.

  Strong Points  Weak Points
  • programmable
  • intuitive
  • Solid
  • Perfect for advanced technical works
  • Reasonable price
  • Black and white screen
  • Alkaline batteries
  • No recent MAJ

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Overview of Texas Instruments Ti 89 Titanium Calculators

The TI 89 Titanium calculator has the CAS (Algebraic Computational System) system for high school and university education. 
It has the same memory capacity of the Voyage 200, has a dynamic design and easy transportation. A USB port (and cable) makes it easy to download a large number of programs available on the Internet for various subjects. 
The TI 89 Titanium is indicated for those who need power, design, and dynamism.

Suitable for the Areas of:

  • Industrial engineer
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotic engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Electric engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Topography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Statistics

Physical Characteristics of Texas Instruments Instrument Ti 89 Titanium:

  • Height x width x length (mm) 190 x 84 x 22
  • It weights 262 g.
  • Country of Origin China
  • Clamshell packaging

Accessories Included with Ti 89 Titanium Calculators:

  • Manual and a resource CD with the information of source programs, software to link the computer with your calculator and free Flash software.
  • Instructions for downloading the electronic manual of the calculator.
  • Brochure with available accessories.
  • One memory stack

The graphics calculator TI 89 Titanium is a powerful tool that speeds up calculations in laborious exercises and in combination with your programming tool you can adapt your needs. This calculator is popular among high school and engineering students thanks to its extensive functionality, innovative programs with which it has and its easy to download applications from the internet. Wait for us and acquire TI 89 Titanium Graphing Calculator from Texas Instruments, now available to you.

For Whom the TI-89 Titanium is made?

This calculator is ideal for high school students, prep students, and academics, especially those taking math classes. It has a system of computer algebra or CAS. This means that it can solve equations for both a numerical solution like x = 4, but also for a response that implies x (say “x + x = 7”. Of course, this is just the smallest point of the As a CAS can be used for simply algebraic and trigonometric expressions, solve equations, integrate and differentiate and even more.It is a potent tool that can be able to get you going very quickly on a lot of things.

She is also allowed in many official exams. I already see my high school students ask me if they can use the tray, the answer is yes!

Why is TI-89 Titanium an excellent choice?

The first reason to use TI-89 Titanium is its feature set. She is one of the most advanced graphical calculators ever made. Its CAS will allow you to solve very advanced problems whereas a TI-84 or a Casio Prizm, which does not have a CAS, will not be able to solve it.

Texas Instruments has also developed a large number of free applications for this graphing calculator, many of which are already installed on the device, and the rest is easily downloadable from the TI website.

I highly recommend the  TI-89 Titanium because the ease of use of this calculator is fascinating for such an advanced model. Before the TI-Nspire CAS took the spotlight, the TI-89 was very widely spread among my students, so I helped several students with this calculator during my mathematics lessons take charge of the TI-89, and they have all had a very fast learning curve. A lot of this probably has to do with its simple and intuitive menu system.

The TI-89 Titanium uses a drop-down menu, similar to what most computer programs use today. This was one of the first calculators to have a drop-down menu to choose between different applications or programs. The menu may not be as good as the TI-Nspire CX, but it’s extremely intuitive, and this calculator has been ahead of its time for years.

Finally, it is designed to withstand shocks. The TI-89 is one of the most durable calculators I’ve ever used. When you take it in your but, you will immediately notice how it gives off a feeling of strength, giving you the confidence that it will last for years.

How to Use TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator


As I said at the beginning of this article, this is one of my favorite graphical calculators with a CAS. It’s a very powerful calculator, yet advanced students will learn to use it in a very short time. If you are reading this article, you are probably hesitant to purchase this article. By buying it, you will not regret it. Although it is not necessarily my first choice for a graphical calculator with an algebraic solver, it is without hesitation in the top 3 best graphing calculators, and I always feel the help to recommend it.

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