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The Best Woodworking Tools

Whether you are just starting a woodworking shop, or you are a seasoned professional, there is no denying you need the proper tools. These tools also depend on the type of product you want to build and how often you will be using them.

Whatever you decide, some tools are essential for just about anything. It is important to know about all the options available so you can make an informed decision.

The Bench Vise

Every woodworker needs a bench to work on. If you want to get the best out of your bench, then consider installing a vise. A bench vise firmly holds your items in position and does not let them move.

It provides more freedom to work with and you do not have to worry about things falling off the bench. Consequently, you will get your work done with more efficiency.

A bench vise can be expensive but it is worth every penny. Woodworking can get messy and you may find yourself in a cluttered workspace. It is generally a good idea to invest in a vise early and they are built to last.

There are many options in the market and you may find it overwhelming to pick the right one. There are great ones to choose from and this one website will tell you all about the best vises to invest in.

Basic Tools

There are some basic tools you need to have in your woodworking shop. These may sound obvious at first, but you would be surprised at how many people the basics before starting woodworking. Also, it is always a good idea to keep a few spare ones in case you lose one. Below is a list of must-have tools for your workshop.

1.Hammer and Chisels

You want to have both a claw hammer and a mallet. The hammer is going to be your constant in the workshop. Chisels can come in various sizes, so you should consider getting a few variations. Opt for the wood-handle ones as they are easier to work with.

2. Nails

Unless you are planning to carve a chair right out of the log, you probably want some nails to put together pieces of wood in your shop. Nails come in all shapes and sizes and help to hold your project together.

Try to get a good set of nails because you do not want your project to crumble under pressure. Nothing is worse than hearing a creaky joint. You should also get a nail-set if you are planning on decorative molding and trimming.

3. Squares and Tapes

A square can help you make precise cuts. You can even use them to maintain a straight line allowing for symmetric designs. Unless you have been woodworking for decades, it can be difficult to keep your hand steady, this is where squares come handy.

Keep a couple of measuring tapes as well. They are essential in just about every project. Invest in the retractable metal ones as they will last you a lifetime.

Power Tools

Power tools are a step above and can provide a wide range of benefits. They tend to be expensive but are worth it if you are passionate about woodworking. These tools are by no means essential as the basic tools, but they can definitely help you take on more advanced and complex projects.

If you are just getting into power tools, the following items are a good starting point.

1.Electric Saws

Saws come in many different shapes and sizes. Each one has a unique function. The table saw is the most common one and helps to make precision cuts. Try to get a constant-speed variant to mitigate recoil. Circular saws offer flexibility and gives you more space to work with. The adjustable-blade model is your best choice.

Jigsaws are needed when you want to cut wood in a zigzag pattern. They do not cost a lot so you should consider getting one regardless. These saws are most useful in putting finishing touches and decorative purposes.

2. Sanders

Sanders is great for giving any finished item a refined look or change up the stain or color. The grit-pads are designed to iron out any kinks and help build a smooth surface. You can also use a sander to restore an item to its former glory. Try to invest in one with variable speed so you have better control over it.

3. Drills

A drill is an under-appreciated tool. The best part is they can be used both inside and outside your shop. If you are willing to shell out slightly more, go for the more convenient option of a cordless drill which will keep those messy cables out of your way. Be Careful when using the hammer drills as they are very powerful and can destroy your lumber.

4. Routers

A router can be a fancy tool for beginners, but an essential one in the shop for an enthusiast. These are used to rout or hollow-out the inside of any hard material. Routers are especially useful in making cabinets and drawers. They are surprisingly cheap and will last you a lifetime. Opt for a power router to reduce elbow-grease.

Safety Equipment and Protocols

Woodworking can be dangerous as you will be working with heavy and powerful equipment. Safety should be your number one concern. Always wear thick gloves to avoid splinters and stray tool bits. Goggles are a must if you are using saws or hammers.

Chunks of wood will be flying all over the place and you do not want to get any of that in your eyes. It is recommended you keep track of nails and keep them in one place so they do not get mixed up.

Keep a working extinguisher nearby in case of fire. Periodically, check the recharge date on the extinguisher to not let it expire. Electric lines should be tangle-free at all times. Keep them off the middle of the workspace to avoid tripping over them – this is where going cordless bits of help.

If you are working with power tools, make sure the plug-points are well suited to handle them. Always disconnect all electrical lines before wrapping up for the day.

Woodworking can be a great hobby and a good trade. Don’t get discouraged if your first project does not turn out to be perfect. It takes practice and patience to build up woodworking skills… Invest in the right tools and follow the proper safety guidelines to get the most out of your time. Good luck!

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