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Sigma BC 1609 Review

Picture yourself biking on the foundations, adrenalin rushing and the wind blowing through your hair. Your biking sessions will never be the same again once you experience the power and convenience that the Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer lays on your hands. The freedom, power and control biking gives you has significantly been increased and improved with this small device designed to make your experience much better. The thrill is enhanced when you are aware of the speed, distance, time and even the temperature around you. It makes you want to cover more ground and keep on going. The fun can be shared as the gadget accommodates a second bike giving it the same benefits.

Cadence measurements

There is some sense of fulfillment and excitement that comes with speed, and this gadget helps you know just about anything related to speed. The Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer will help you calculate and determine the current speed, maximum speed, average speed and even the temperature around you. Getting to know about all these during the biking experience puts you in absolute control. The adrenalin rush that comes as a result gives you the extra push and strength to perform even better. It is amazing how a simple gadget can do so much to meet a biker’s needs.

Wired or wireless

The Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer comes in two models, wired and wireless to give you the freedom of choice. The wired type is a better choice for cyclists in training and is mostly preferred by most users due to the convenience that comes with it, no disappointments. It can easily be mounted on the handlebar or the stem of the bike where it will be visible to you when the need arises.


The Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer is mostly favored because of its accuracy which makes it dependable. You need to ride knowing that the digits and the information being received on the gadget are dependable otherwise they will be of no use. The speeds and measurements displayed are accurate and reliable. The convenience spills further to the fact that it can convert between KPH and MPH. It has seven different languages that are not only beneficial to different people but also very accurate and reliable. There is no barrier with this speedometer.

Even more features

With the Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer, you get more than you bargained for hence value for your money and a guarantee that it was made with your needs in mind. Apart from the main features that already make it outstanding, it has a few extra features just to ensure that all your needs as a biker are met. The numbers on the screen are big and visible enough for an elder person hence reducing chances of having to squint or stop every time you need to check the calculations. It has auto recognition of a second bike that is with you. This feature comes in helpful when there is a friend or family member biking with you. This way, you can both compare your digits or simply use a single gadget to cater for two bikes. It is also well equipped with a countdown timer and a stopwatch for when you’re on the clock.

SIGMA Sports  BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer- Installation Video

Who would buy this

This is the ultimate gadget for any biker out there who are doing this professionally or as leisure. The experience and convenience brought about by the Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer are bound to transform your biking activity.


  • Easy to install- It is known to only take 10 minutes to install the gadget onto the bike with no need for extra help.
  • Backlight present- It goes on at the click of a button for when you need to check on the digits in the dark.
  • Weatherproof– It is designed to withstand all types of weather hence cannot be easily damaged.
  • PC compatible


After a while, the gadget just stops working. However, the problem is not temporary as it starts back up again on its own and runs as smooth as before.

Value for money?

The Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer is a worthy purchase. It not only meets all your biking needs meant to make the experience better and fun but also gives you value for your money. You get so much more than you ever bargained for. The speed calculation, the 10minutes installation process, and the PC compatibility make it the best gadget for your bike.

Where to buy and read more reviews

The Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer can be easily bought in online stores, Amazon in particular. There are various customer’s reviews which will help you learn and understand more about the gadget.

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