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Shlongboard – the slightly different version of the longboard

Shlongboard? Never heard? Or somewhere on edge snapped up without the right to know what it is? We have been a bit concerned with the subject matter, and we’ve looked at you for what a Shlongboard is, what it’s worth and where to buy these particular boards. We have come across some interesting details which can be exciting for you.

What is a Shlongboard

The Shlongboard, as the name suggests, is a combination of a skateboard and a different longboard type.

If Shlongboards are a great alternative to skateboards because of the special feeling and accompanying disciplines, Shlongboards are especially suitable for extraordinary tricks based on fixed axes.

An exact definition of the term or description of the board is not possible, since a Shlongboard is always a self-compiled, individually adapted to the own requirements.

Tip! If you want to find out more about this, you will find inspiration and help in relevant forums, rather than in the online shop or on the usual test portals.

What do I need for a Shlongboard?

Since these are self-created creations, the purchase of a Shlongboard is neither possible in the retail shop, nor in the online shop. To build your Shlongboard for yourself or your children, you should deal with the design and the components of a skateboard and a longboard. For a Shlongboard both the

  • Axes of a skateboard also called trucks,
  • and the deck of a longboard.

If you would like to do everything yourself, you have the possibility to extend the deck of the skateboard to the desired length, but you should bring the necessary know-how so that the deck really carries the weight of the skater and the board is still controllable, The choice of the axes is a matter of taste and depends on the set requirements of the board.

To get the first glimpse, use the experience and experience reports from other boarders who have already built one or several Shlongboards, and get inspired by their experiences and recommendations when compiling your Shlongboard.

Invest in good accessories

An entirely compiled Shlongboard cannot be ordered in the retail or online shop. The appropriate parts, such as

  • decks
  • axes
  • roll
  • sticker

And other accessories can either be ordered in the online shop or bought directly at the skate shop. A comparison of prices helps to find the most favorable offer and to make the best selection in the appropriate quality. The combination of new materials with parts of old skateboards and longboards is also possible. For the first test buildings, flea market and garages are particularly well suited to familiarize themselves with the individual parts.

What factors should you consider when buying accessories?

  • size
  • hardness
  • contact area
  • roll core
  • role edge
  • manufacturing
  • position
  • link gums
  • Material of the balls
  • Number of balls
  • maintenance effort

Advantages and disadvantages of Shlongboards

  • individual assembly depending on preferences and interests
  • countless decks and trucks available in online stores
  • in the end, you have a unique board
  • for the construction is some experience necessary

For whom is the Shlongboard suitable?

A longboard is unique and is therefore quite suitable for those for whom it has been designed. In general, however, it can be said that this special form of boards is very suitable for children and beginners since the fixed axes provide a lower risk of injury than the flexible trucks on a skateboard. Also, it does not take as much momentum as a simple longboard and since driving speed is easier to throttle, especially as a push with the foot is necessary.

This makes it the ideal entry for skate beginners of all ages. At the same time, a shlongboard offers the possibility to put a board together according to your wishes and requirements and let your creativity run wild. This makes the Shlongboards also interesting for experienced skaters.

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