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Sennheiser RS 195 Review – Sennheiser RS 195 Wireless Headphone

For years, Sennheiser has become famous for making the finest sounding wireless headphones, and this is exactly why it is worth getting excited about the RS 195 digital wireless headphones by this maker. What’s more, the price tag will not shock you because, considering the outstanding features of this product, it is worth paying a bit more instead of settling with low-quality headsets in the market. Indeed, this iconic wireless headphone is just what you need for the ultimate audio experience.

Sennheiser RS 195 Review – Sennheiser RS 195 Wireless Headphone

Impressive Features and Design

The RS 195 comes with a 2.4 to 2.48 GHz wireless technology that will amaze you. For the most part, this headphone system works flawlessly, thus giving you more reasons to choose this product instead of the competition.

Sleek and Elegant

This posh headphone system has a gray metallic finish that makes it look sleek, stylish and completely solid. Indeed, this is a great product that you will never be ashamed to wear on your head because of its amazing appearance.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The ear-shaped cushions are user-replaceable, which means you can change these anytime necessary. This part of the headphones is also completely covered in high-quality velour fabric and weighs just a little more than 3.5 lbs. With these features, you can be sure that the RS 195 is one of the most comfortable pairs that you can wear for hours.

Who Would Buy the Sennheiser RS 195 Digital Wireless Headphone System

Anyone who wants the best wireless headphones that offer total comfort and satisfaction should never pass up an opportunity to own the RS 195. These impressive headphones are comfortable, lightweight, and packed with superb features that make it a must-have for audiophiles. With its reasonable price and amazing components, you can be sure that this product makes an excellent addition to your collection of audio devices.


The RS 195 is a lightweight and full-size set of headphones with wireless and digital quality. These headphones are also perfect to wear for some hours – and the audio quality will never disappoint.


Some people think that the right earcup is positioned awkwardly, yet the entire system is comfortable enough to wear unlike other headphones in the same price range.

Value for Your Money

The Sennheiser RS 195 offers the best audio quality as with wired headphones of the similar price range. Thus, this product is simply an irresistible item for people like you who want to cut the cord without having an unsatisfactory listening experience.

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