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Rules for visiting new baby

What the parents find uncomfortable and what rules you should follow – The birth of a baby is always something special. Friends and relatives can not wait to welcome the new family member finally. So that it does not come to unsightly misunderstandings and disputes, it is important for family and friends to observe some rules of conduct during the baby visit.

When is the right time for a baby visit?

The first rule that all visitors should follow: Call the parents and ask them if they would like to receive a visit at all. The young parents are busy in the first days around the clock to get to know the little person and enjoy this time alone.

If the parents do not object to a visit, make an appointment. Unannounced visits or even surprise parties are an absolute no-go way too exhausting for mother and newborn.

If friends and relatives are finally allowed to see the baby, they should keep the visit time as short as possible. Too long visits, in the worst case still with expectations for a perfect hospitality of the guests, the young family too much. The visit should have a fine antenna for the needs of the mother: if she looks very tired, it is better to come back another day.

What can I say about the baby, what do I prefer to keep for myself?

“Oh, your baby is cute!” It is exactly this one sentence that young parents want to hear from their visit. And even if the newborn has small pimples on his face, his nose is a bit crooked, or there are no hairs on his head, the baby is the most beautiful child in the world for his parents.

Jokes or careless comments on the baby are therefore absolutely inappropriate for visitors. In order not to hurt the feelings of the young parents, little white lies are exceptionally once allowed. 
And whether the offspring is Karl, Otto or Ingrid, should not be interested in the visit.

The parents have thought carefully about what they want to call their child, and it also changes a stupid comment nothing more.

The first baby visit: rules of hygiene and body contact

Washing hands is the top priority for friends and relatives want to visit a baby. Especially newborns are very sensitive to germs. Also, babies should never be smooched unasked. Ask your parents for permission first.

With lip, herpes kissing is strictly prohibited! Even with a little cold, friends and relatives should stay at home and postpone the visit. And even if it should be self-evident: Never give the baby your finger for sucking. This is not only unhygienic but is also not liked by the parents.

Smokers should also make sure that they do not smoke immediately before the visit, as the smell gets stuck in clothing, hair, and hands. And also on the use of too much perfume, the visitors should rather do without. The newborn has enough to do in the first few days to get used to people, sounds, and general smells.

At the sight of a baby grandmother, granddad, aunts or girlfriends are sometimes a bit insensitive: with great ecstasy, the baby is taken from the arms of the mother, in the worst case passed around among the guests.

But especially in the first days and weeks the parents are still very careful with their baby and do not like to give it up. Better: Ask the mother if you can take the baby in her arms. A no should be accepted without being offended. There are guaranteed to be times when the mother is happy to give her baby for a short time.

How do I find the right gift?

Admittedly, finding a suitable gift for the offspring of your best friend or brother is not easy. Before you buy something that the young parents do not like at all and ends up in the drawer, they ask for their wishes. Especially in a large circle of friends and family is the risk of multiple gifts large: More than a heat pad for stomach ache, a music box or a mobile need the children usually not.

If you want to give clothes, pay attention to the taste of the parents and choose a larger dress size, because the baby grows out of the first sizes very quickly. If it should not be a toy or a cuddly toy, baby care products are also a nice gift idea: A high-quality organic oil for a gentle baby massage, a hooded towel or a diaper cake will always be well received.

However, you should inform yourself in advance if the baby has eczema, for example. In this case, special care is necessary. Are you particularly creative? Then the parents may be happy about a self-made patchwork blanket, a hat or a self-made scarf.

If you can not think of a gift for the offspring, you can also donate money or use a voucher. The advantage: Parents can choose baby clothes or toys to their liking.

A nice alternative to material gifts: By the way, many young moms are also very happy if the visit brings some order to domestic chaos, cooks for the family or does an afternoon with older siblings. Especially in childbirth, mothers almost always have the feeling that they do not do anything in the household. 
Tip: The newly minted mothers are looking forward to the birth of their baby with a little attention. A nourishing bath additive, a babysitting voucher or a massage are a nice idea.

But there are also gifts that are unsuitable for newborns. This includes plastic toys that make noise in the worst case and robs tired parents of the last nerve. But even huge cuddly toys made of artificial materials are not well received by parents. If not expressly desired, guidebooks can also be a faux pas. Some parents feel that they are getting their shoes on when they receive unsolicited upbringing tips for their child.


  • For the first baby visit, make an appointment with the parents
  • Do not organize a surprise party for the newborn
  • Keep the visit time short
  • In case of a cold or illness move the visit
  • Do not unsolicited take the baby on the arm or kiss
  • For baby gifts ask the parents for wishes
  • Alternative gifts: Cook for the parents,

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