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Rawlings YBRP14 Prodigy Youth Minus 12 Review


The Rawlings YBRP14 Prodigy Youth Baseball Bat (Minus 12) is a youth Composite baseball bat which features 100 percent composite design. This two ¼ inch baseball barrel bat has been constructed using bladder mold technology.

This technology increases the flex of the barrel for ultimate power.This excellent product is made by Rawlings and will give you an excellent start for your youth league. For a hitter who wants to have more power, the YBRP14 will provide that power behind every swing as it boasts of 100 percent composite construction.

The Prodigy bat also gives you an Extended Barrel having an Enlarged Sweet Spot. Since it is constructed as a one-piece, it brings along all the benefits of the sturdy and traditional feeling of a bat.

You can rest assured that it will be ready for use on day one when it comes out of the wrapper. Below is a discussion of some of the amazing features on this bat.

One-piece bat construction

The Rawlings bat is constructed using the Precision-Optimized Performance (POP) technology which ensures excess weight is concentrated in a smaller region of the bat hence amplifying the trampoline.

This, in turn, generates additional flex for the barrel. Hence the YBRP14 bat having been constructed as a one-piece gives hitters an additional balance, speed, and great power.

One-Piece bats have a stiff feel whenever contact is made with the baseball, and hence little energy is lost during contact. This results in more power and hence the one-piece is preferable for most strong players who need above average speed of a bat.

Composite design

The composite design of a Rawlings baseball bat incorporates a reinforced carbon polymer into the bat’s construction. This carbon fiber makes up most of the bat and gives the bat more durability as compared to the Aluminium and wood bats.

Other advantages that come with the use of the composite material include uniform weight distribution, high damping rate, and an improved trampoline effect. This reduces the hand sting during play.

Extended Barrel weight and size

The Rawlings minus 12 barrel bats are mostly used by players in the youth leagues. They have to, therefore, allow for barrels of size two ¼ inches, the size acceptable among major youth leagues.

The length to weight ratio, on the other hand, is -12oz hence giving a bat drop of -12. The bat weighs 15 ounces, and its length and width are 27” and 2.25” respectively. The extended barrel also ensures the hitter has a large and enlarged sweet spot.


Rawlings YBRP14comes with a1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects resulting from normal use of the bat such as denting. When sending your defective bat, ensure you attach the proof of purchase.

Once you buy your bat, therefore, ensure you retain the box your bat came in and the receipt as they may be very critical when needing warranty services. Shipping services are also provided to specific locations.

The maximum shipping weight is 3 pounds, and hence the product fits within the shipping weight.


  • The swing is light enough even for a 6-year-old
  • Good pop and large sweet spot
  • It is composite design ensures durability is guaranteed
  • High performance
  • The Double Wall Extra “give” in baseball bat gives a trampoline-like effect, in turn allowing the ball to travel further


  • The orange color may not favorite with most people

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Rawlings YBRP14 Prodigy Youth bat composite

A: Yes the Rawlings YBRP14 baseball bat is made from a composite steel material. 

Q: Is the Rawlings Prodigy bat approved for use in Little League games

A: Yes it is approved for Little League games. My son uses it both for Little League and travels

Q: Do you I require to assemble the bat after buying it?

A: The bat comes fully assembled, and hence you will not require doing any assembling after purchase

Final Verdict

This is a great bat, and a must buy for every baseball player. The drop (Length-to-Weight Ratio) of minus 12oz is perfect for most leagues.

The construction of the bat using a Double Wall–Extra “give” also gives it a trampoline-like effect, hence allowing the baseball to move further. Lastly, the composite material gives it high performance and guaranteed durability.

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