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Rawlings Adirondack Youth Wood Bat Review

This bat is just very perfect for your young child especially if he loves playing baseball. It has a beautiful design which is usually black making its finish to have an elegant and sleek look.

Plus it’s very affordable so purchasing one of these bats will never strain your pocket and above all, it has a 242 profile, and it’s a made in USA bat making it a perfect choice for your child.

Adirondack ash wood

This bat is made of Adirondack ash wood which makes it very strong while at the same time a child will fell in love with it since it has an awesome design that will suit the child perfectly.

Plus when one is using this baseball bat it produces a sound that will rock the child and makes the general baseball game to be full of fun and enjoyment. This Adirondack ash wood is not hollowed, so it makes the bat have a bit of weight.

Black finish

This bat has a very sleek design with a very smooth black finish which makes it stand out from other ordinary baseball bats. This design is very suitable for those selective or choosy children with preference to fine things in life.

It’s very classic and the same time offers the best performance when it comes to baseball playing. Hence it’s essential to have a sleek design bat so that it can cheer up a child while playing.

Laser-engraved knob

This bat has a unique handle that comes with a laser engraved inside it. It’s very precise and makes the overall baseball hit perfectly while and the same time it makes it very easy to handle and use during the game.

This one of a kind knob also makes the overall bat very lightweight making it quite easy for a child to enjoy playing.

Medium-sized barrel

The bat has a medium sized barrel that is at least 2.5 inches or even smaller. This makes it very simple for a child to handle because the barrel has a lightweight and of a much smaller size that perfectly fit a child.

While at the same time providing the best practices for a child that makes him or her grow and nature his baseball playing talent and steady playing strength.

The bat’s speed also is determined somehow by the size of the barrel that one is using and since this is a medium-sized barrel the bat’s speed is greatly improved. And lastly, this medium-sized barrel affects the accuracy of placement especially if one less focused thus a child should be very keen when playing.

Thin 1’’ handle

The bat has a thin handle with one inch in size which makes it very easy for any child to handle and makes it very easy to use. It’s very suitable for a child especially when one is a beginner since this handle will increase the child’s playing strength and his or her accurate placement.

Plus it’s not that very complicated hence a child will easily learn how to use the bat since it’s very easy to use and handle. Usually, a thin handle is essential for a child since the child can easily use the baseball ball without many difficulties unlike those handles that have more inches say more than 1 ½ inches in their handles.


  • Thin 1’’ handle.
  • Medium sized barrel.
  • Laser engraved knob.
  • Black finish.
  • Adirondack ash wood.


  • Limited to youth baseballers only.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is the estimated weight of this bat?

A: The estimated weight of the bat is 3 pounds.

Q: What is the bat made of?

A: The bat is made of Adirondack ash wood.

Q: Does this bat comes with a warranty?

A: The bat comes with a 12 months warranty.

Final Verdict

With this awesome baseball bat be 100% guarantee that your child’s baseball performance will greatly improve plus the strength and speed required for that accurate placement while drastically develop within your child. So invest in this bat and get the perfect baseball results from your child.

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