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Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor Review

Are you looking for a “smart” heart rate monitor that instantly connects with the devices and gym equipment around you, giving you an ECG-accurate reading all the time? How about a device that provides all the information you need to know about your workout and sends it to your favorite mobile apps? Well, your search ends here! Have a look at what Polar H7 has got to offer you.

What are its unique features?

Amazing Compatibility With Mobile Devices

It is Compatible with all the major mobile devices that you might be carrying with you while exercising or running. This includes iPod touch, the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4S/5 and all common mobile devices.

Fully Integrates With Your Favorite Apps

The device can easily integrate with your favorite fitness apps, including MapMyRun, Endomondo, Strava, RunKeeper, Digifit, Cyclemeter, WahooFitness, among others – providing all the data that the apps need for giving you an optimum experience.

Connects To Gym Equipment Via Bluetooth

The “Bluetooth smart” technology utilized by the device helps it to connect to any Bluetooth ready device or gym equipment that can receive heart rate profile, thus providing you all the live information while you are focusing on your fitness.

Who Would Buy This?

Polar H7 heart rate sensor is targeted to the users who are looking to remain updated about their fitness levels and heart rate, using the latest mobile connectivity technology to their advantage.


It’s easy to strap the device quickly, and it begins transmitting information instantly. The elastic belt will go around your chest, the transmitter will snap onto the front – and you are good to go. Once you are done with your workout, unstrap the transmitter, and the unit will be off.

The native support for all devices, without the need any accessory or dongle to be plugged into the phone, makes it easy to use. The device is compatible with 5 Hz heart-rate receiving devices, broadcasting live information about various parameters of interest – such as pulse rate, pace, distance covered, the historical/analytical trend of the workout, and even calories burnt (when used in conjugation with other apps).

The PolarBeat app that’s available for the device does the job very well. It stays connected and constantly supplies the heart rate info, without significantly impacting the battery life of your mobile device. There’s a battery indicator in the PolarBeat app, as well, which comes very handy at times.


The strap design is not as good as those of other devices that have a belt-like, more robust plastic buckle – though there’s no issue with it and it’s easy to get comfortable with it. Another minor issue is that it would occasionally not pair with a mobile device. Unsnapping/unplugging while not using it and closing the apps may help. Sometimes, it may quit transmitting in the middle of a work-out. However, this issue can be sorted out by shorting out its battery connectors for a couple of seconds, which resets the unit.

Value for money?

Looking at all the unique features and lots of usabilitiesPolar H7 is certainly the HRM that’s value for money. If you want to have the live information about your heart rate and fitness levels displayed wherever you go, Polar H7 is an amazing workout tool and highly recommended!

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