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Polar FT7 Review – Polar FT7 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Pening inside your body when exercising. It can also double up as a regular watch.

Three Main Product Features

Can give out measurements related to heart rate in real time

With this device, you will know the following: your average heart rate, your fastest heart rate while exercising, and your current heart rate as a percent of your fastest heart rate. You can also set up a maximum heart rate and a target number of beats per minute. All of these will help you know whether your cardio workout is going strong.

Record data for future reference

You can store 99 files related to your training on the device, as well as your training history. You can also analyze your training, create a training diary, identify the right exercise load, and look for exercise programs. This device is compatible with various computers, like PCs and Macs.

Can tell you the time

Not only that; it also has the features of a usual watch – backlight, alarm capability, waterproof (up to 30 m), date and day indicator, and many other typical digital watch features.

Who Should Use This Product?

Anyone who wants to get serious about cardio exercises (exercises that intend to raise the endurance of the heart and make you lose weight) can purchase the Polar FT7 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Anyone who is fitness-conscious and who happens to want a watch too can also buy this. Remember that even when walking you can burn calories, so aside from a device that tells the time, wouldn’t it be infinitely better for the device to tell you how well your body is working out even if you are just walking around?

Three Product Pros

Fitness measurement device doubles up as a watch

This way, you need not buy another watch, so you will know how long you have been working out at any particular time. You can just switch between fitness mode and watch mode.

Guide to training

You can check your past fitness records with this device so you can gauge how well you are improving in your exercise routines. You will know how your heart builds endurance over time as you work out. This is information that is provided better by a device than by a human.

Has a limited two-year warranty

With this, manufacturer defects are easily dealt with during this period.

One Product Con

Some customers of this product want to know your lowest heart rate at any session, but this is unimportant for many typical exercise routines because your lowest session heart rate is your resting heart rate.

Value for Money

With the multiple features of the Polar FT7 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch, you should consider having this device. Having it is better than having a separate fitness monitor and a watch. The device can turn to a fitness monitor that can show data and record it for later use, and when you’re not exercising, you will know what time it is (you will also know how long you’ve been exercising at any time).

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