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Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Serious fitness enthusiasts who look for an efficient way to track their progress will find this product suitable to their needs. The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor for women is a brilliant device that you can wear on your wrist to determine how much and how intensively you train. The device offers a training program that is based on your fitness goals, and you can set your training targets weekly while obtaining feedback on your training’s effect. This web-based and convenient heart monitor unit also measures your aerobic progress at rest and shows how far you are to achieving your training goals.

Measure Your Fitness Level

If you are looking for an easy way to improve your overall fitness level and to stay updated on your progress while training, then you can use this intuitive feature for this purpose. As you compare your test results regularly, you can quickly keep track of your progress and determine how your fitness and energy level has improved.

Count Calories Accurately

The unit comes with a brilliant feature called the OwnCal, which offers precise results as it counts calories. It also takes note of some calories you have expended during your training sessions based on various factors such as your gender, age, and maximum heart rate. What’s more, you can use this unit to know the required intensity that can help improve your fitness progress. The OwnZone adjusts the heart rate training zone and matches it to your existing physiological condition.

Meet Your Fitness Goals

This heart rate monitor comes with a STAR training program that shows exactly how hard you should train to attain your long-term fitness goals. It is intended to motivate you by using a special guidance program that you can check instantly. Moreover, the unit features an online-based training load that helps you maintain a balance between training and rest by showing your cumulative training load on a daily basis. Through this feature, you will be able to identify how harder you need to train so that you can achieve total improvement on your performance.

Who Would Buy the Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch

This product is suitable for women who wish to track their fitness levels and training progress accurately and conveniently. The device informs how much and how hard you should train to achieve your goals. With this convenient heart rate monitor unit, you can easily measure your aerobic fitness and determine your progress.


Most people who have used this product were impressed by its features, and they recommend it for those who want to stay motivated and become successful in their weight loss plans.


Some people protest that the battery life is too short. However, you can solve this problem by removing the battery after using the unit, as this can help save battery life.

Value For Your Money

Overall, this is an outstanding product that can help people remain motivated as they train and improve their fitness levels significantly. The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor is just what you need for your training because it adapts to your exercise routines and provides you with weekly feedbacks while updating your progress.

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