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Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews

Thinking of an excellent companion to ensure your fitness level? The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor watch is an item that helps improve your total body conditioning and keeps you motivated as you exercise. By using this product, you can easily check your condition and guide you as you perform your daily workout routines. By being constantly aware of your heart rate, you will not only achieve your fitness goals, but you can also improve your overall physical condition as you train.

Easy Way to Check Your Heart

The Polar heart rate monitor for men offers an efficient way for you to achieve better fitness and helps you sustain your motivation to train regularly. The unit works by checking your regular condition while guiding you to the right training intensity for your fitness level and age. By being aware of your heart rate, you can reach your fitness goals and improve your overall condition significantly.

Amazing Features

The watch gives you weekly training targets and provides accurate feedback about your fitness progress. It also guides you without being too rigid so that you can achieve your goals in an efficient manner. Moreover, the watch displays essential heart rate information in various ways such as your beats per minute and percentage of your HRM (maximum heart rate). In case your heart rate dips below or exceeds your target zone, the unit will sound an alarm that will notify you to go back into the right form.

Limited Warranty

The unit comes with a limited warranty that informs you about this product’s quality, and it assures you that the heart rate monitor is free from artistry or material defects for two years beginning the date of purchase.

Who would Buy the Polar FT60 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor

Those who are burdened by an intricate way to map out their training progress will find this product quite useful to their needs. It delivers high-quality features and performance for its price, and it can withstand excessive sweat, wear, and several other common factors. What’s more, you can count on the solid connection to the heart rate monitor, which rarely loses contact.


Product users recommend this watch because of its unique features such as the fitness test. They have discovered this feature has helped them boost their fitness level over time beginning from a baseline.


For some users, the heart rate monitor comes with features that are a bit too complicated for them to comprehend. However, the instructional manual could help anyone learn the ropes and find out how to use this product efficiently.

Value for Your Money

Considering the amazing benefits that this handy heart rate monitor offers, it is indeed a great product that is worth your time and money. You will be impressed with its extensive features and accuracy in providing you with essential information that can help you improve your training progress.

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