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Polar FT40 Review of Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch

When doing workouts, if you can get accurate information about your heart condition and fat burning details in real-time, it could help you immensely in designing a high-performance workout schedule. Therefore, devices like Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch, offers you to control your workout, according to endurance capacity of your heart. This review would look into the features and performance of this product to determine its value for money.

Important Features

Measures Heart Rate

This monitor gives you accurate information about maximum and average heart rate of a workout schedule. You get the ability to set the upper limit for the beats per minute. You can view your heart rate in the form of a graph against the target zone.

Monitors Calories Burned

The heart rate monitor watch calculates some calories burned during a particular workout session. You get the exact details of the time for which your body burned fat, during the total time of workout session. The fat burning details are also shown in percentage form. You can plan your workout session and calculate some calories you might burn, during that session.

Energy Pointer

This feature tells you whether the main goal of your workout session was fitness training or burning fat in your body. Therefore, with every workout, you can improve your performance, which you are getting in burning fat or increasing fitness level, whichever is your priority.

Who Should Buy Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor?

This Polar FT40 heart rate monitor is best suited for women who want to plan an efficient workout schedule. This monitor tells you which part of your exercise schedule is burning the most amount of calories and where your heart is feeling the most pressure. This information can help you in planning the exercise schedule that results in high burning of calories and fats but gives less strain on your heart. Therefore, you get faster results with less effort.


  • You are always in control of your heart condition because by setting the alarm you can get notified when your heart rate crosses the upper limit set by you.
  • You can view data from your previous workout sessions and compare them to create a better schedule for the future.
  • It’s easy to use the monitor, which needs three steps to set up.


The strap and transmitter need to be cleaned thoroughly after every workout session. This needs extra time, but if you plan your exercise schedule properly, it’s not difficult.

Value for Money?

Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor has many benefits that make it a highly useful for the people who want to plan and execute a highly efficient workout session. The features and benefits offered to take it a great value buy for any fitness enthusiast.

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