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Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor Review

Are you a gym goer? Or you just do exercise yourself? If you do cardio and weight training on your own, how do you rate and monitor your heart? Have you heard of Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor? A watch, you can wear either when you do exercise or use it as a normal watch but a bit like your organizer. Omron HR-100 Heart Rate Monitor offers you continual and accurate results on your workout if you use it to monitor your best cardio exercise.

What major features does this watch have?

If you are a regular jogger, cyclist, and walker, during exercise, if you can monitor your heart rate and manage your workout, owning this Omron HR-100 Heart Rate Monitor is very effective. The clear digital display delivers your accurate results and assists you to achieve your daily exercise goal.

The Chest Transmitter feature delivers continuous and accurate readings result when you turn it on during exercise. And you use data to monitor and see what improvements you make every day.

Zone Alerts feature can be programmable. You can set zone alters to be warned if your heart is too high or too low.

If you go swimming either in swimming pool or sea, you can wear it at any time because it is designed with Water Resistant up to 98 feet.

If you go a regular gym workout routine, you should be aware of that every fitness program, no matter from cardio training to weight maintenance, each section has an optimal heart rate training zone. You can set the rates on your Omron Heart Rate Monitor, and then you just simply track the record to ensure you still stay in the optimal zone by maintaining the intensity of your workout and challenging your maximum to achieve your success.

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What are Optimal Training Zones about?

There are several optimal training zones. By exercising, you will achieve your cardio exercise goal, burning off calories and shedding off fat and becoming fit.

  1. First zone – Health Maintenance. At this Low-intensity level training level, you are just a beginner and strengthen your cardiovascular system and get yourself ready for a more strengthen focused level.
  2. Second zone – Aerobic Exercise. You strengthen your cardio and weight training to burn off calories faster and increase the intensity of training.
  3. Third zone – Anaerobic Exercise. When you reach this level, you intend to improve speed and power to build muscle mass.
  4. Forth zone – Red Line. This level can be extremely hard because you challenge your maximum capacity to increase the speed of calories burning and you want to see the noticeable outcome and achieve your goals.

This Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor is really about those zones. Once you own it, you have set you in those zones and rely on it to achieve your ideal goals.

What did the users say about it?

Such functional device has attracted many potential users and has become a very popular little helper.

  • Does exactly what I require it to do!
  • Good product for active users
  • Unbelievable heart rates
  • Great for the money
  • Has worked flawlessly

Are there any complaints?

Yes, there some complaints from the users. Some users think this device is too small and can’t store data. Apart from 99% of the users still consider buying it. And its demand has been increasing for a while, and the quantity of the sales are still increasing.

Where can you buy an Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor?

There are many places where you can look for an Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor. However, Amazon should be your first choice of places to purchase it. Because at the moment, Amazon offers free shipping and one-day shipping options and it offers a comparatively lower price than other places, and Amazon always protects your satisfaction.

Where can you read more reviews about it?

Amazon is always the best place to review other user’s comments because you can always find candid comments and see the actual shipping quantities from this site.

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