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Nike+ SportWatch Gps Review – Nike Plus SportWatch Gps Review

Nike and Tomtom team up to offer the Nike + SportWatch GPS. On the one hand, Nike and its Nike + range offer the rider a follow-up of his performances, while on the other side, Tomtom appreciates for its intuitive GPS. Nike’s desire: “Think less, run better.” It is logical that the two companies come together to offer a GPS running watch. An excellent team is born! Will she be successful?

However, NIKE’s approach is different from that of Garmin: to offer (in the continuity of NIKE + Sportband and its iPhone App) a product that is simple, fun and easy to use. 
The NIKE + Sportwatch GPS is therefore not geared towards statistical addicts, dissecting their data after each race, but to runners looking for a simple and accurate way to visualize their runs. The Forerunner 410 Garmin and other Polar RS800CX can rest easy!


NIKE like Apple knows how to treat its packaging and the NIKE + Sports watch GPS is no exception to the rule. In the box, the watch, a NIKE + sensor, a USB extension and the brief (very succinct) doc of the device. Users of the NIKE + sports band will feel at home: all settings are made via the application Nike + Connect (a link to the download automatically mounted on the desktop-MAC OS when plugging in USB watch). 
The presence of the NIKE + sensor may seem surprising, but the watch can be coupled to it. Thus, in case of loss of GPS signal or training in the room, the chip takes over and turns your watch into NIKE + Sportband.

Design & Ergonomics

From the box to the watch itself, we find an attention to detail. From there to imagine that Apple, the first partner Nike +, is for something, there is only one step. Moreover, this step is taken as the site Nike + is optimized for Safari, the internet browser Apple. However, it is unfortunate to see so overlooked Windows users using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Endless loading times appear on both browsers. But a solution exists: use Safari or Google Chrome since it uses the same rendering engine as Safari. Nike seems attentive to the various problems encountered and explains them. 

The SportWatch, to get back to it, is of amazing size.Previous news. Although it may seem imposing for some, it must relativize by taking into account its GPS function and comparing it to what offers competing manufacturers like Garmin. Its finish and size are not its only assets: a blow during a fall or rubbing against a wall left him only a few scratches.

Ease of use is a priority for SportWatch. Thus, the watch is piloted by two navigation buttons and a selection button. For the screen, Nike and Tomtom chose a high-contrast display. No need to concentrate on full effort, to record race information. During the night races, just tap the screen to illuminate it. Although the readability is good, it is necessary however to go several times for the tapping is detected. It’s a bit of the game of luck, a shot yes a shot no. A real touch screen would have been welcome especially that it is possible to use the mapping function as a tour account. The SportWatch is also suitable for triathletes since it is waterproof to a pressure of 5 ATM.

Although autonomy does not fail him (possibility of running up to 9 hours without recharging), the manufacturer does not propose a battery change. Even 200 €, no hope to use the watch after five years (in the best case); the battery will no longer hold the distance.


They are very numerous! Indeed, with this model equipped with a TomTom GPS, you know your pace, your maximum speed or the distance you have traveled, without having to stop.

It also offers you personalization, such as a motivational assistant with audible alerts, which help you take on challenges or remind you of your goals. You will find all your stored data in a history, which also tells you your records.

A race reminder pushes you to go running if you have not been out for a few days, to help you keep fit.

Also, you connect to or the app, where you join the entire Nike community of many runners from around the world. On this platform of communication, you find your friends or beginners or confirmed athletes, with whom to launch challenges.

You will find race course proposals, and you can share your performances to compete with others! You connect the watch to your computer for this data exchange using a USB cable, which also allows you to recharge the battery.

Finally, like the other TomTom MultiSport model, it is easy to use, especially at the time of installation, where the manual will give you the main indications to know. You wear it in a bracelet and not on your belt.

Sports watch GPS cardio watch: how does it work?

After purchasing the TomTom Nike + Sportwatch GPS running GPS, you have to think about setting it up before using it. This step will be done through the Nike + Connect software. Once this application is downloaded and installed on the user’s PC, the watch will automatically synchronize with it and transfer all of its data to this software while emptying its internal memory. Later, the owner will have no trouble seeing basic information about his sports activities later.

While the cardio training watch is connected to the PC, it is necessary to record the personal information essential for the proper functioning of the accessory: user’s name, current weight, and date of birth. The date and time of the watch will be synchronized with those of the PC. The unit that will be used to display the distances traveled must also be defined from the start.

The features of the Nike plus running watch are numerous. And when setting, the user must choose one by one all the parameters he wants to see on his screen during a sports activity: distance, speed, average pace, elapsed time and calories burned. It is quite possible to scroll one by one during the training session.

Your watch with chronograph can alert you by emitting sounds or vibrations when the training time arrives. In other words, it helps you stay active on a daily basis. The novelty of this pedometer accessory is that it has an inverted screen. During good weather, the white screen will improve the visibility of the information displayed there. And in the dark or at night, the black screen better reflects race data.

The Nike sports watch GPS watch is a great help when the athlete wants to limit the duration of his training and his rest time. Simply set up these data at the beginning of the activity so that everything is well calibrated in advance.

The GPS watch is synchronized with the Nike + Sensor sensor usually placed on a Nike sports shoe. The latter serves as a pedometer and records all information related to a run. The GPS for its mission is to guide the footsteps of the user so that he always finds his way wherever he is.

For the sensor to be in the right place, the user will have to use it with a pair of Nike running shoes. It should be placed under the insole so that it can work well. When the GPS signal weakens, it continues to transmit to the cardio watch data useful to the runner.

With this pedometer watch, no performance will be lost. Indeed, it can memorize the time, the kilometers traveled and the fastest speed of your last 50 training sessions. To operate or stop the timer, simply tap the screen firmly.

For this Tom Tom Sports wristwatch to detect heart rate, it must be paired with a chest strap monitor. Remember that this device is sold separately. Once the electrodes are well moistened, the sensor can be placed on the strap. Then everything is placed at the level of the pectoral muscle. The association between the running watch, the sensor placed in the footwear and the heart monitor greatly improves the performance of the athlete and contributes to the achievement of his objectives. It is not uncommon for users to rely solely on their watch and chest belt during a run. In this case, they will still be able to see their heart rate, time and calories burned on the screen.


Count a price of about  130 euros on Amazon with the shipping fees offered to buy the Nike + TomTom Sportwatch. An impressive rate compared to what is available in stores, for a watch of high-end design. 

This price includes the TomTom Nike Watch + SportWatch GPS, the Nike + Sensor sensor, the USB cable useful for recharging the battery and transmit the data collected in the PC, the user guide to know from A to Z all the features of the Nike + Connect device and software. Also, both manufacturers namely Nike and TomTom offer a 1-year warranty to buyers.

Usage tips

This cheap watch for men and women TomTom Nike remains functional regardless of where the user is. To train in the gym, it can be combined with the Nike + Sensor. It is the latter who detects all the information relating to the training. For the practice of outdoor sports, the GPS will take over. This technology will help retrace the course while the sensor will count steps, distance and calories lost.

The cardio counter is equipped with a lithium polymer battery. For it to be fully charged, you must connect the device to a PC using its USB port for two hours. The icon for viewing the battery status is permanently displayed in the left-hand corner of the screen.

The Nike + Sensor sensor works with a non-replaceable battery. This can last more than 1000 hours when the device is active. But once the battery is exhausted, it will invest in a new sensor. In order not to deplete the battery unnecessarily, it will be necessary to dislodge it from the insole if the user wears his running shoes outside of his training and replace it with the pad provided for this purpose. Otherwise, it will be necessary to put the sensor on standby instead of extracting it from tennis.

An audible alert will be heard when the memory of the running watch is weak or downright saturated. It will, therefore, empty by transferring the data to the platform provided for this purpose as soon as possible so that the accessory can continue to record information about the training. The alarm is also triggered when the battery is low. In this case, the athlete still has one hour to use his watch, but after this time, it is discharged.

This GPS watch is waterproof and can withstand a pressure of up to 5 bar. However, this model cannot be considered as a diving watch for professionals because beyond 50 meters deep; it will no longer be functional. To keep it running, the watch must be kept at a temperature above minus 20 ° C and below 60 ° C. 

Interface shows

How is a race with the Nike + watch? It is possible to use the watch with the GPS alone or coupled with a sensor in a pair of Nike + shoes. This last solution offers more precise details on the stride with additional data such as altitude. 

The sensor in the shoe, wristwatch, it remains only to press 3 seconds on the selection button. There, two solutions: wait more or less five minutes the GPS signal or select quickstart to leave immediately and recover the GPS signal during the race. Yes, but there is a problem. The GPS signal is never recovered. Bug? Future updates will tell.

During the race, two pieces of information are displayed simultaneously on the screen. The main information (editable with the software) centered on the screen and, smaller in the upper corner, secondary data. These can be changed during the race with the two navigation buttons. Choices: elapsed time, current pace (time per kilometer), calories burned, time and heart rate (optional heart sensor). The software can change the number of scrolling items. To end the race, a long press of 3 seconds on the selection button is enough.

At rest, the watch displays the time. Pressing the navigation keys brings up a menu. In the list, there is history including the statistics of the old races but also the records (best time per kilometer, longer distance, total distance traveled).

Software interface

Back at home, the wristband of the watch turns into a USB port. Once connected to the computer, all race data is sent to the Nike + server. Previously, a Nike + account must be created. All interest comes from him. It provides access to the Nike + social network to challenge friends or share results on Twitter or Facebook. No Google+, sorry for the fans.
The Nike + interface offers a simplified analysis of races at a glance. For races with a GPS track, the interface is based on a Google Maps map with Nike + tools. The trace is colored from green (fast) to red (slow). We remain in the intuitive wanted by Nike +. No problem of accuracy is to be regretted as can be seen on screenshots. The passage from one sidewalk to the other is visible on the map. Some stalls may give inconsistent results, but they are rare.

To finish on the interest of the account Nike +, one can not speak about the Coach. With him, we escape the monotony of the race. Ideal for the people full of good will the first month but completely tired then! Several programs are offered. From walking to running, but also 5 Km, 10 Km, half marathon, and marathon. The first program gives a taste to the race, while the following ones allow training on a precise distance. When a program is chosen, you must check your calendar to see the race of the day. One quickly becomes addicted, especially to see its progress throughout a program.

A visualization of the stats clean and searched

The Nike + site is currently one of the best visualization interfaces I know. Endomondo was up to now a reference for me but his passage to the paid model (15 € / year) for most interesting functions pushes me to abandon it in favor of Nike +, without regret.

  • Your profile allows you to view the ” NikeFuel ” that you have accumulated (each race earns you from the NikeFuel, a unit of measurement that allows everyone to compare themselves to the community) as well as the distance traveled with your watch, your trophies collected and your personal records (10km, 5km, fastest kilometer, longest distance, etc.). A system of levels (here the yellow banner corresponding to level 1) encourages you to run more because each km traveled brings you closer to the next level.
  • The Nike + DashBoard  (Dashboard) presents your latest condensed sessions and ongoing challenges (60 kilometers in 1 month, 2000 calories in 1 week, ten outings in 3 weeks, etc.)
  • The activity tab gives you an overall summary of several sessions or the complete review of a session of your choice. We find all the data that can be expected from such an interface: calories burned, average pace per km, average heart rate, racecourse (road, road, track, beach, treadmill), preferred an hour.
  • If you click on a particular session, the data displayed is more accurate and allows a thorough analysis of your performance: instantaneous heart rate and rhythm are related to the position on the map and a color code allows you to see the warm-up zones ( in red and orange areas below the average speed of the session) and the ” fluffing ” in green.The data is smoothed, and there is no inconsistent value either on the online interface or the digital display of the watch during the race. The “instantaneous” values are indeed smoothed over about fifteen seconds, which avoids the erroneous peaks, whether regarding heart rate, speed or altitude.
  • The comments are very useful to note his feelings on the session, sensations (morale, cardio, fitness), the terrain practiced, the weather and the shoes used to know when to change!

Running use of the TomTom Nike + SportWatch GPS

The TomTom Nike + SportWatch GPS is a GPS cardio watch designed to be used in running, where it gives the best of itself. However, it will not satisfy the athlete who seeks to ride a bike or swim (even if the watch has a 50m waterproof).

Before leaving, a menu of options allows you to choose which accessory to activate: GPS, foot pod, heartbeat. Selecting only what you want to use increases the battery life.

The screen is separated into two displays: the bottom one displays the distance in bulk and the one at the top scrolls through different data (heart rate, distance, calories, time). The fields are configurable from the Nike + Connect software.

The functionality of the towers is very simple: just tap on the top of the watch to switch it in the next turn. It’s really easy to use. To pause it, simply press the neon button at the bottom left.

At the end of the session, the screen summarizes all the data: time, distance, pace per kilometer, calories.

The Nike + website offers training plans for different distances. If you want to get started in the preparation of a marathon, simply indicate the date of the event and your level and the site will offer you a training plan over 15 weeks that you can download in pdf.

The site can also be used to set up personalized training in the split. However, you can only configure the work period and not the full session (no warm up or cool down).


Some accessories can be synchronized with the TomTom Nike + SportWatch GPS. Once an accessory is synchronized, it will be recognized next time.

The foot pod can take over the GPS to measure the distance. For example, you can start your session before hanging the satellites. The TomTom Nike + SportWatch GPS will start by using the foot pod data and then switch to the satellite signal once it is hooked.

It is an association with Polar that provides the compatible heart rate monitor belt: Polar Wearlink Nike +.


  • A top design, a comfortable wearing convincing
  • A fix GPS in less than 5 seconds Chrono thanks to the downloading of the ephemerides GPS on the PC before the session.
  • The fragile accuracy of the GPS sensor, on a course of 12 kilometers, there is only 50 meters difference compared to the IGN map.
  • The Polar cardio fits very well in place, no need to recalibrate, even on a long session (1h) with abundant perspiration. Precision is at the rendezvous, from the first strides.
  • Excellent readability of the screen even in motion with two possible settings (black text on white or vice versa)
  • The Nike + Sportwatch has a good range (6 to 7 hours running with GPS and heart sensor enabled)
  • The built-in USB port allows charging anywhere (in the office) without additional accessories or chargers.
  • The firmware updates meet the expectations of users and defects of youth accused of the Nike + (no time, no adjustable time, etc.) have all been corrected since!


  • The (theoretical) captivity of the data on the Nike + site, corrected without any problem by a small Chrome plugin that allows the export of Nike + data in GPX and TCX format. It was for me the only negative point that initially made me look for a  Garmin tested by my friend Spads, but since the export of data is possible, I do not regret the purchase of this Nike + at all.
  • The obligation to connect the watch to a PC before the first use (is it such a big problem?)


By not venturing into the Garmin, Polar and other Suunto sector, NIKE is once again making a difference in the approach to running. Open to the general public, the NIKE + Sportwatch GPS TomTom perfectly reflects NIKE’s vision of running: technology has to be at the service of simplicity, design, and fun!
From a more technical point of view, the watch is easy to take in hand (extreme simplicity of the menu) and very readable with its large screen (which lights up when you tap on it). 

The TomTom GPS chip on board hangs the satellites quite quickly and locates your route quite precisely. 

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