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Nerf Vulcan Review – Nerf Vulcan Mod – Nerf Havok Fire Review

The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan Havok Fire EBF-25 has not only an incredibly long name but is also one of the most famous blasters among Nerf fans. You can also find them in numerous Youtube videos. The automatic mode with which the ammunition belt is pulled through the case is powered by the 6 D batteries and allows you to let your opponents in a hail of darts.

Nerf Vulcan Review


  • Fully automatic shooting possible
  • Super fast fire speed
  • Supports the cartridge tape system
  • many modding options
  • Tripod included


  • Short range
  • Relatively difficult
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster (Discontinued by manufacturer)
348 Reviews
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • The removable tripod folds for easy transport - or a quick escape from enemy fire
  • Even your toughest opponent won't know what hit him when you unleash the power of the N-STRIKE VULCAN EBF-25 blaster
  • Massive and thrilling
  • Fully automatic blaster holds up to twenty-five darts and can fire up to three darts per second
  • Blaster comes with ammo box, removable tripod, 25-dart belt, 25 Whistler Darts and instructions

The Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire originally appeared in the N-Strike series in 2008 and, like the Maverick can be found in further series from Hasbro (Red Strike Series, Clear Series, Sonic Series). Also, it was rebuilt in 2013 and is one of the so-called Elite Repaints, with the typical blue color of the elite series missing. What we would like to mention is the similarity to the Rhino Fire, which we find quasi the successor of Havok Fire. To the Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire, there are the craziest ideas of Nerf veterans. We would like to point out an extraordinary idea in our conclusion. You can also read our Best Nerf Gun Ever Reviews before buying your favorite nerf gun.

Design and ergonomics

The Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire is equipped with 3 Tactical Rails (one on top and one on each side) and is one of the heavy ones from Hasbro compared to many other blasters, which is used in nerf battles rather than stationary blasters. For this you usually also a tripod/tripod included in the package, which of course you can attach and remove as desired. A nice feature is that you can turn the blaster on the tripod to the left and right. On top of the blaster is a handle, which makes the Havok Fire very easy to wear at waist height (depending on your size). Also, you can also attach a carrying strap – for this Hasbro has provided three places for attaching the strap.

In the ammunition box of the Nerf Vulcan, Havok Fire belongs the fully loaded ammunition belt. Proper loading is necessary so that the engine can pull the belt without problems and avoid sticking. The belt has a standard 25 darts. However, you can also connect two or three belts. Due to the higher weight, however, the engine could then have problems with the belt passing through. The fact that this is still possible has already shown countless Nerfer and also provide instructions for the simple reproduction.

As already mentioned, the Havok Fire has been launched in several series. Therefore, they are also found in the most diverse colors, even if Hasbro actively distributes not all. The following is a brief listing of the colors:

  • Yellow, Gray, Orange (N-Strike)
  • Red, Orange, Gray (Red Strike)
  • Clear, Orange (Clear Series)
  • Clear, Green, Orange (Sonic Series)
  • White, Orange, Gray (N-Strike Elite Repaint)

Above the handle is the on / off switch for the engine. The Blaster does not have its protective shield, but it is still possible to offer one – for example the Stampede ECS. Even if you do not need it at the range (we’ll get to it at the same time), you’ll also find the rear sight and the grain as in many other blasters.

Handling and performance

In the Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire, you have the choice between manual shooting (bolt backward and forward and shot) or the automatic mode, with which you can put a dart-hammer on your Nerf opponents because with the automatic mode you can up to Kill three darts in the second! The Havok Fire is not designed like a Nerf Sniper with which you target your opponent and fire the dart only then. No, it is certainly the Minigun version of Nerf, and you just have to keep it simple! Any of the many darts will hit your opponent.

The good fire rate also compensates for the average accuracy, although the accuracy of the weak range is hardly significant. In the standard version, you will not get more than 12 meters. As with other blasters, you can use modding with a tuning spring. This allows you to significantly increase range and shooting speed and make the Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire one of the best bombshells on Nerf Battles. Another improvement you can achieve with a battery mod. Here, however, only people with experience should approach.

Even if a big magazine is always a lot of fun – they have to be reloaded. The reloading process of the ammunition belt, unfortunately, eats a lot of time. In principle, jamming occurs whenever the darts are not placed firmly enough into the sleeves of the belt. So be careful to avoid having to deal with jamming later. Also, jamming can occur when the power of the batteries slowly decreases. Other reasons for jamming are, however, not known to us. So if you are careful on recharging your batteries, you should not experience any bad surprises.

Nerf Vulcan Mod


The Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire was not built like a precision blaster, but for “blasting” with all the power! You can have fun with it even if the ammunition is gone quickly, so it may be necessary for you to have pre-prepared ammunition straps and ready. You can then recharge after your opponents have searched for a remote hiding place.

In one of our blog posts, we introduced you a video, in which a girl presented their mods at the Havok Fire. It has not only expanded the ammunition belt. It also has an automatic target system built, which friend of Fein can differentiate and accordingly automatically fires only at the opponents. A video that we would like to bring to your heart. The young lady deserved every click! Also, she has also provided a small guide. With a little knowledge of English, you can reproduce it. This video is only an example and can be transferred to other nerfs, depending on the complexity.

In short, and finally, the Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire is a horny nerf blaster with the young and the old, uh, big, have fun.

Nerf Vulcan at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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