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Nerf Triad Ex-3 Review – Nerf Triad Ex-3 Mod – Nerf N-Strike EliteTriad EX-3

With the Nerf Triad EX-3 from the elite series, we have another best Nerf Gun ever, which belongs to the very small size. Small because of its length/height/ width and large because of the relative power. The Nerf Triad, as well as the BigShock, the Jolt, and the Reflex IX-1, are one of the smallest blowers of Hasbro, but still has one, two differences to the others.

Nerf Triad Ex-3 Review


  • Good to invite friends/family/colleagues to the Nerf world
  • Very compact
  • No jamming of the darts
  • Three darts can be loaded (good value for Mini Blaster)


  • Unsuitable for Nerf Battles
NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor
1,550 Reviews
NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor
  • Micro Triad EX-3 blaster has mega power
  • Blaster knows which barrel is loaded
  • Fires darts up to 90 feet
  • Cocking handle readies your shot
  • Blaster comes with 3 Elite Darts and instructions

Design and ergonomics

Unlike the other named blasters, the Triad can load up to three darts and shoot one at a time. So you have three little fun. You will not find a Tactical Rail – this would be expected too much at the breakthrough of the Elite Triad.

As already mentioned, one finds the Nerf Triad both as N-Strike Elite and as N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Gun. In the standard version, you can see them in the elite colors blue, white, orange and dark gray and the XD version in the typical colors white, blue and orange.

The grip on this nerf gun almost the biggest part yet still somewhat small for larger hands. However, this blaster is more likely to be a little surprise for friends or co-workers in the middle of the game than to drive your opponents on Nerf Battles. Therefore, this is quite ok for a hoses blaster.

The darts are used as with the other small blasters front, and that is it already. After that, you just have to pull the elevator down, and you can get your colleagues a bit annoyed, or you can draw attention to them if they do not react.

Handling and performance

As already indicated, the performance of such a small Nerf Gun is quite remarkable, because the Nerf Triad manages it on a whole 14 meters (approx.) With a straight shot and about 18 meters with a bent attitude. As previously explained, the reloading process is a children’s game and goes very fast. Depending on how fast you can pull the elevator and use the trigger, you can create up to 1 to 2 kills per second.

When all three runs are filled with darts, the darts are shot down clockwise. When the gun is fired, the loading lever will be back into the handle, and you will have to pull it again for the next shot. The hit accuracy is satisfactory, and jamming does not occur with this Blaster. Now and then – rather rarely – a dart simply shoots out at the launch.

If the range is not enough, because your colleague is a little further away or you want to fire an arrow to the neighbor’s terrace, you can also add a tuning pin. The installation is easy and fast.

Nerf Triad Ex-3 Mod


The Nerf Triad is not suitable for Nerf Battles – not at all, if your opponents with Blaster like the Modulus, etc. offer. The Triad is more of a Nerf Gun for Intermediate to allow you a little joke with friends or colleagues. As mentioned in the reflex, you can also surprise your grandson, who knows how to deal wonderfully with the weekend.

Nerf Triad Ex-3 at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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