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Nerf SlingStrike Slingshot Review – Nerf SlingStrike Mod

With the Nerf N-Strike SlingStrike Slingshot, Hasbro has developed the modern and safe form of a Zwille and brought it onto the market. Surely one can be divided on whether this is a nerf gun or not. The SlingStrike Slingshot is not a toy pistol, but since the Nerf Universe is revolving around toy weapons of all sorts, you can quite blindly.

Nerf SlingStrike Slingshot Review


  • uniqueness
  • Unexpectedly good range
  • That’s fun!


  • quite noisy
  • Low fire rate
  • At a high distance low accuracy
Nerf N-Strike Elite SlingStrike Slingshot
79 Reviews
Nerf N-Strike Elite SlingStrike Slingshot
  • SlingStrike blaster is the first-ever Nerf dart-firing slingshot
  • Includes 2 Elite darts
  • Store darts on the blaster's arms
  • Pull string back to ready, release to fire
  • Includes SlingStrike blaster, 2 Elite darts, and instructions

Design and ergonomics

The Nerf SlingStrike Slingshot is quite simple knit. The package is quite small, and the blaster comes in two parts – the mount and the attachment. Put together (until it makes light); they then give the Nerf SlingStrike. Then she practically looks like a plastic twelfth, just a bit more professional. More, you almost do not have to say. The number of dart arrows depends on the package. The Nerf SlingStrike offers space for a total of three darts – one in the barrel and one spare arrow holder on the left and right under the barrel. By the way, does not come to the idea of the MEGA darts with the slingshot fired. They are a bit too big for the small device, which is also easy to hold in one hand due to its low weight.

The Nerf SlingStrike belongs to the N-Strike series, although the blue-gray paint can quickly lead to the idea that it is a Nerf Elite Blaster. And this is also the case when you see her somewhere as an Elite SlingStrike. It is and remains an N-Strike! An important difference to other blowers is the tension cable, on which everything depends. This is the only way to get the tension to move the dart on the way through the rooms. So cut it under no circumstances!

A bit cumbersome can be the posture during the shooting process. Since the SlingStrike is only held with one hand, it tilts slightly backward when the tensioning cable is pulled up. So you have to hold the Blaster firmly so that you can still aim half-way. Otherwise, it will be difficult. You can have a look at our Editor choice best nerf gun reviews.

Handling and performance

The tension cable can only be pulled up when a dart is inserted into the barrel. This is good to know because otherwise, you could quickly think that the Nerf SlingStrike was broken. In fact, this is more security. The reloading process is quite simple. Ultimately, you only need to have one dart at hand and put it in the barrel – almost a children’s game in the true sense. Then tension the tension cable and release it. Already the arrow flies up to 23 meters! Yes, this was our top shot, and we were amazed. There is behind!

The speed is correspondingly good. On average it was about 70 km/h, which is quite neat for such a blaster. Especially since the Nerf SlingStrike slingshot with it can compete with some Nerf elite blasters. The accuracy is, however, quite poor – this is due to the above-described problem that the Nerf is only held with one hand and easily gets into a tilted position by the retraction of the tension cable. This is not easy to target – at least in comparison to other nerfs.

Since no magazine can be connected, the reloading process takes some time. Above all, it is what the SlingStrike makes for Nerf Battles somewhat uncomfortable.

Nerf SlingStrike Mod


The Nerf SlingStrike is a well-meant and safe twin. Whether a Zwille is good or bad depends on the viewpoint of the viewer. We do not find a Zwille good – at least a real one. With such a one, however, we can make a good friend, since it also with the foam Dartpfeilen also the appropriate security. The slingshot is also a nice change to the other blues in the Hasbro world. It can provide a bit of fun for you.

Nerf SlingStrike Slingshot at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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