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Nerf Rough Cut Review – Nerf Rough Cut Mod

The old Roughcut has been outdated – now there’s the Nerf Rough Cut XD – Xtreme Distance? Is that correct? What is it? We’ve looked at reports & tests on this stylish Pumpgun a bit closer – whether it belongs to the very exclusive models of the Nerf weapons and whether it is worth to buy them, you will experience the same. First, we start with a few basic data. our Best Nerf Gun Ever Reviews Guide will help you to choose the Favorite nerf gun. 

Nerf Rough Cut Review

Details on the Nerf N Strike Elite Rough Cut 2 × 4

Series: Nerf N Strike Elite

Length of the weapon: 38cm

Weight: 570g

Fire modes: single shot, double shot or slam fire

Shot frequency: 2-4 darts per second.

Ammunition: 2x4er ammunition in front

Max range: 22.8 meters according to; 20m according to manufacturer


  • Can shoot two darts at once
  • Good for LARP and HvZ
  • Slam Fire


  • No magazine
  • Poor accuracy
  • Primer not convenient and liquid

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut
256 Reviews
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut
  • Pump action to fire a steady stream of darts
  • Tactical Rail is compatible with most N-Strike accessories; Each sold separately
  • Fires darts up to 75'
  • Darts work with any Elite blaster and most original N-Strike blasters; sold separately
  • Blaster comes with 8 Elite Darts and instructions


The Nerf Rough Cut XD 2 × 4 comes in the colors white, orange and gray to your home – like almost all Nerfs. It is as mentioned here a pump gun in the typical XD colors. With its length of 48cm, we are in the middle area. The N-Strike Elite Rough Cut XD has a Tactical Rail on the top. We sort them into the category of Nerf rifles.


Batteries you do not need for the operation of the Nerf N Strike Elite Rough Cut XD – the blaster is manually tensioned, and typically, how each pump gun is loaded. Each shot is loaded once. You can shoot a dart with a lot of sensitivity, but you can shoot two at the same time. In the slam-fire mode, everything can be played away even faster – hold the trigger pressed and pushed the plastic sled, which is used for loading, as fast as it can go back and forth.

Nerf Rough Cut Tuning

For better reach, there is a set of tuning springs from Blasterparts. This increases the range again. The installation is not quite uncomplicated, one should have a quiet hand and patience if one would like to install an alternative spring.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2 × 4

Half musket, half shotgun, that’s the first thing you think when you see the N-Strike Elite Nerf Rough Cut 2 × 4. The unusual grip reminds of the old muskets from the Musketeer films or pirate guns. The similarity to a shotgun has the Nerf Rough Cut 2 × 4 due to the mouth and the cut-off running as well as the pump action (for priming). All in all, the design is pretty cool.

The functionality of the Elite Rough Cut makes them particularly interesting for Human versus Zombie Players (HvZ) because they can shoot two darts at once! This option is determined by the depth in which the trigger is pressed.

So we have the choice of sending the darts one by one, as a double pack or in Slamfire mode! The Smart AR system, which prevents the air from escaping from the empty darts, is a perfect thing, so it does not lose any of its performance.

Design the Nerf Rough Cut and its ergonomics

The coloring is dominated by blue and white as usual, with the Nerf Rough Cut has no significant accents, the mouth is due to the American Weapon Law Orange.

The Rough Cut comes with a Tactical Rail (top of the barrel) and two straps, one at the bottom of the handle and one at the top of the handle – but they are not very stable. Targets are given to rear sight and grain, which is not necessary.

Despite SlamFire function, the N-Strike Elite Blaster is a muzzleloader, so has no magazine. This means a small disadvantage in a nerf battle because the recharge takes longer and must be done after four shots. Against a Vulcan, Vortex Revonix or Rampage one then looks rather than.

The firing of the darts takes place with the Nerf Rough Cut 2 × 4 either in zigzag, with the single fire or in pairs in the double fire. The 2 × 4 stands for the columns (2) and rows (4), so we get eight shots.

A big drawback regarding ergonomics is the much too small primer, the handle for the pump action. Even 12-year-olds might have trouble raising their little fingers sensibly.

Handling and performance

The Nerf Rough Cut is a classic pump action nerf gun, but this is not as smooth as the Alpha Trooper, but you have to fight against the mechanism. Part of the problem is surely the mentioned too small primer; the rest lies in the mechanics.

On the positive side, we find a double viewing window on both sides above the trigger. If it shows orange, it means the magazine is ready for shooting, it is gray must still be primed, since sometimes one of both dart chambers is empty, the display is individually per page.

The trigger, despite the great two-shot function, is a criticism, because it is bad to use. Either press the trigger quite strongly or press it half-clean, let it occur again and then pushes all the way through. This feels as complicated as one reads it. Surely, however, this is a factor that has been internalized with a few learned “magazines.”

What should also be mentioned is that there are partial misfires of the Smart AR system, then a dart is shot too much or too little, or it just plunges to the ground.

From these points of criticism, the handling and operation of the Nerf Rough Cut are fundamental; only one must stop with the disadvantages befriend.

The performance of the blaster is interesting because in the single fire mode it shoots on average one meter less than in the double mode – 13.4 meters. 14.3 meters. The Slamfire also provides for a slight performance loss, which is normal, here comes the Elite Blaster on average about 12.1 meters. (all values without angling the nerf gun)

The fire rate is entirely satisfactory with 1.5 darts the second, but it is still faster (see, for example, Revonix ). Where we do not go out here from the double fire. We are not very satisfied with the accuracy of the hit because the darts are sometimes very different. Both the single and the double-pack fire dart the darts to the left and right most 60cm, which is quite unpredictable.

Nerf Rough Cut Mod

With the modding, it looks very mad. There is only one Tactical Rail on top of the Rough Cut targets, red spot sights, lasers lights or shields. Otherwise, there are no other rails available. Also, extensions and shoulder rests cannot be installed. Of course, you can find in the net nevertheless here and there a cool Nerf Rough Cut Mod by a hobbyist! More info: Nerf Modding


The Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2 × 4 is a great Nerf Gun for all the LARP or HvZ play because of there the double hit by the rules for double damage. But if it’s about performance, it’s certainly a lot more with a magazine blaster like the Rampage than with the Nerf Rough Cut.

Nerf Rough Cut at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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