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Nerf RotoFury Review – Nerf RotoFury Mod – Nerf N-Strike Mega RotoFury

What do you need for a new MEGA Blaster? A gigantic drum magazine, through the air whistling darts and a wide range – all this promises Hasbro with his new Nerf Gun N-Strike Elite MEGA RotoFury! It’s just a guess. We assume that the name is composed of the two words “rotation” and “fury.” “Rotation” then stands for the rotating drum magazine. “Fury” is English and translates as much as anger or rage. With the name and advertising messages, Hasbro promises so a lot already! Whether this is true, we have compiled for you in our review. Have fun while reading!

Nerf RotoFury Review


  • Slamfire Action!
  • Good performance!
  • Good volume for battle action
  • Howling Whistler Darts
  • Cool design
  • No batteries required
  • Trains the arm that operates the pump handle


  • Missing shoulder rest
  • Drum magazine not removable
  • Now and then jamming the darts

Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster
429 Reviews
Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster
  • Mega RotoFury blaster fires Mega Whistler Darts up to 90 feet
  • Includes 10 Mega Whistler Darts
  • Rotating drum fires 10 darts at a time without reloading
  • Slam-fire action
  • Mega Whistler Darts scream through the air

Design and ergonomics

Concerning. Hasbro has done the work as usual with the Nerf N-Strike Elite MEGA RotoFury. When you hold the Nerf RotoFury, you have the feeling of holding something basic in your hand. Designed in the core color of the MEGA series red with accents in orange, black and white/gray. Also, there are the writings “MEGA,” “Nerf” and “RotoFury,” so that the blaster cannot be confused and also looks very good. In short, the design is appealing and fits very well into the concept of the MEGA series. Perhaps still worth mentioning: It is after the Centurion the second largest most reliable nerf gun in the N-Strike Elite MEGA series.

The Nerf Rotofury is of the same size as the other MEGA Blaster such as the Nerf CycloneShock or the Nerf Magnus. With the MEGA series, everything is just slightly bigger than with other blasters. This is a special feature of this series. The RotoFury is equipped with a rotating drum magazine, which can hold 10 MEGA darts. The drum magazine rotates as soon as the pump handle is pulled back and forth. It can also be rotated by hand if you want to reload the magazine with darts.

Furthermore, one finds at the Nerf RotoFury three eyelets, if one would like to hang the blaster on the backpack or for example on the wall. This means that it is also convenient to transport while on the road and saves space in the home since it does not necessarily require a storage space but can be hung on a free wall surface. Also mounted on top of the blaster is the well-known Tactical Rail rail (tactical running rail) on which you can attach the desired accessories. On you can, for example, a target telescope. This is not necessary at about 20 m range, but can spice up the blaster but still a bit and with a bit Modding can one from this pumpkin designed Blaster a Nerf Sniper Create Pumpgun. There should be no limits to your imagination.

The Elite MEGA RotoFury is a typical two-hand blaster and therefore provides two carriers. The rear handle is pleasant enough for older teenagers and adults, where it could be a bit too big for smaller children – but the small ones should hold it in their hands. The front pump handle is the key instrument because only by its forward, backward movement the drum magazine rotates and places the darts in a position free to the shot. The pump handle is slightly smaller compared to the rear handle and thus adapts itself to the hands of the smaller Nerf fans. Otherwise, the RotoFury is weighted in the middle, which makes wearing comfortable.

What is missing? What’s not good? The rotating drum magazine is quite cool. Unfortunately, it sits firmly in the blaster and cannot be taken out. This makes the loading process more difficult since the magazine has to be rotated manually so that all darts can be inserted. Also, it is unfortunately not possible to offer a shoulder rest. Also do not retrospectively, unless you use the help of your toolbox. This is disadvantageous insofar as the Nerf RotoFury by the lacking length cannot easily be pressed against the shoulder and thus the aiming in the shooting somewhat more challenging. The last point that we have noticed is that if you pull the pump handle back, you will get a little too close to the drum magazine with the hand, which means that you can keep your fingers crossed when you are not careful. In the heat of a Nerf Battles, however, this can happen. Here a safety distance would have been very nice.

Maybe a bit far-fetched, but the RotoFury comes quite close to the Nerf Rampage from the N-Strike Elite series in some points. However, the Rampage has a larger magazine, but also “only” smaller darts, which also do not glide whistling through the air.

Handling and performance of RotoFury

The N-Strike elite MEGA Rotofury gives all Nerf fans a choice: either with a single shot to comfortably target the opponents or pressurize them with the slamfire function (quickfire function) with a red foam hail – depending on how the situation demands and you want it! To use the Slam Fire, you just have to hold the trigger and pull the pump handle back and forth. It is particularly nice that this is also possible without batteries.

The MEGA darts can be easily inserted into the drum magazine – as already mentioned one has to rotate the drum manually, to be able to place all darts. When turning, there is always a small click. But do not worry, nothing is broken. It is so wanted. At least we think so.

The RotoFury is advertised with ranges of 23 meters and more. So let’s get to the facts because that’s what it matters from blasters (even if they are N-Strike Elite MEGA in the name). After some shooting, we came to the RotoFury on about 14 meters with the square holding of the blaster and on barely 22 meters with an angled shot. Thus, we have come quite close to the advertising message of 23 meters. In the Slamfire mode, we were able to empty the magazine in pretty good 3 seconds – that means that depending on how fast you can move the pump handle – it is possible to shoot about three darts in a second. In a Nerf Battle, you can create tremendous tension in your opponents, which is only increased by the whistling MEGA Whistler Darts. Regarding speed, we have reached a maximum of 80 km / h. Your opponents should be able to run away before.

Nerf RotoFury Mod


Our previous favorite of the N-Strike Elite MEGA series, the Nerf Gun CycloneShock, has gotten a good competition with the Rotofury. So we now have two favorites of this series, both of which will be tremendous fun and will be a boost for every Nerf Battle. Due to the high speed with which the MEGA darts are catapulted from the blaster, you also benefit from the breath-taking whistle when the darts fly through the air. The whistling of the Whistler darts reminded us of the Star Wars films, and we are sure: If more such equipment is used in Nerf Battles, the corresponding feeling will also arise.

Nerf RotoFury at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability


In contrast to the CyclonShock higher price of the RotoFury should not discourage the purchase, because the two Nerf Gun are fundamentally different. The CycloneShock is a one hand blaster, while the Nerf RotoFury is a two-hand blaster. So they complement each other well and can support you in Nerf Battles differently in their special way! In any case, we wish you a lot of fun!

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