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Nerf Retaliator Review – Nerf Retaliator Mod – Nerf Retaliator XD Review

As already announced in the title of this report, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator is still by far the most popular, and the best-selling blaster of all nerfs – what is it? Now that this is exactly the point in this review, I do not want to anticipate too much. Range tests, modding as well as tuning features, frequently asked questions, purchase advice and more we have evaluated for you. Just read the few lines and convince yourself of the facts about the Nerf Retaliator!

Nerf Retaliator Review

Details about the Retaliator

Series: Nerf N Strike Elite

Length of the weapon: 66cm (complete), 33cm (without accessories).

Weight: 600g (complete), 390g (without accessories).

Fire modes: Single shot.

Shot frequency: 2 darts per second.

Munitionsaufnahme: 12-Dart clip magazine (basic equipment).

Max range: 23 meters according to; 20m according to the manufacturer, 27m in the XD version.


  • Good range (up to 25 meters!)
  • Good fire speed
  • a lot of accessories
  • Good ergonomics
  • Bad Ass Design!


  • The retaliator is less accurate without extending the barrel
  • The rifle barrel reduces the dart speed and range
  • Comical trigger feeling
Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster (Colors May Vary)
1,803 Reviews
Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster (Colors May Vary)
  • Retaliator blaster can be built in 4 configurations and fires Elite Darts 90 feet
  • Removable stock helps you steady your shot, or you can remove the stock with the flip of a switch
  • Barrel Extension has top and bottom Tactical Rails so you can add most N-Strike accessories (sold separately)
  • Enhance your mobility with the Stability Handle
  • Blaster comes with stock, stability handle, barrel extension, 12-dart Quick Reload Clip, 12 Elite Darts and instructions


Color is the Nerf Retaliator in the typical blue/orange held (the XD version is correspondingly white/blue/orange). Regarding form, this Blaster remotely remembers the M4 of the US Army: Compact, handy and yet quite a long barrel – perfect for close and domestic combat and yet reliably even at medium distances. The Nerf Retaliator is supplied with shoulder support and a front handle. At the front is the grain, which can be folded up for better aiming. A very nice nerf gun, which we sort into the category of Nerf rifles.


The Retaliator comes without batteries and is manually tensioned. This blaster is made ready for shooting by moving the carriage mounted on the upper side of the main body back and forth. In the retracted state, one finds under the carriage the usual flap, which is used to eliminate load inhibitions. The closure is equipped with a direct piston – this gives the gun proper power.

A question that often comes up: How to remove the Nerf Retaliator magazine?

Many have to try a little and think that it is stuck – violence must and should not be applied here. The trick is: The magazine can only be removed while the carriage is retracted. Then just push the small switch before the trigger, and it can be easily removed easily. You can read our Best Nerf Gun Ever Reviews before buying a nerf gun.

Nerf Retaliator Mod

On the centerpiece, there is a tactical track for additional equipment, Eg lamps or a target telescope. The extension adds another rail with the same expansion possibilities. It fits all the accessories from the new Modulus series without any problems, and the Nerf Retaliator Elite takes up all clip magazine types. Of course, both the shoulder support, the extension and the front grip can be removed, whereby we can assemble four different versions of the retaliatory as standard. 

One of the most sought-after blasters has made this model among other things because it can be super-modified. Talented hobbyists and cosplayers bring out the one or other Nerf Retaliator Mod, with which one simply astonishes. A bit of color, self-made components from the 3D printer and already this blaster becomes the authentic science fiction props.

Nerf Retaliator Tuning

Blasterparts supplies the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator XD sets to improve range and reliability. For this, the blaster has to be disassembled, to be able to install spring as well as guide bush – at the same time you should always be careful and careful. 

The Nerf Retaliator in Test A blaster that brings the Nerf Dart technology to its limits!

One of the most popular blasters in the current Nerf portfolio with single fire mode is the N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Retaliator. With its extended rifle, detachable shoulder rest, 12 darts, a harness and no less than three tactical tracks, the Nerf XD Retailiator has a damnable and dangerous look, which is certainly one of the reasons for its high popularity. But the Nerf Retaliator is a blaster that goes far beyond aesthetics and ergonomics, trying to make a name for itself. The Nerf XD Retaliator is a good blaster but has in our eyes but the potential for even better implementation.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Retaliator is the advanced XD version of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator, which has been released in 2012 in the traditional colors of orange and blue. The original Nerf Retaliator was already an extension of the Recon CS-6 with some new features and a new color palette. The new XD model now has a predominantly white façade and a bold “ELITE” on the side. Interestingly, the new XD model still carries out the year 2012 in the imprint. Anyway, shoppers will not have any problems with distinguishing this Blaster from other Nerf Retaliator models.

Design and ergonomics of the XD Retaliator

The Nerf Retaliator is one of only six elite models that allows a gun barrel extension and is, therefore, one of the most versatile blaster ever. It contains a lot of details like the logo in the grip, the (adult friendly) pistol shape, the flapping handles, an extra dartboard in the handle, the special gun barrel, the plastic texture, the transparent bars in the gun barrel and much more.

Ergonomically, the Nerf Retaliator is pure joy. Thanks to the good weight distribution, it can be held in your hand. This is due to the balanced form also for adults. Unfortunately, the trigger is not nearly as well designed as the appearance. The trigger can be dragged almost to the end without resistance. Only the last trickle presses the dart arrow.

Handling and performance

Using the Nerf XD Retaliators and firing the darts is easy. Also, the recharge is not difficult and goes within a short time. Despite the single shooting mode, you can shoot the magazine empty within about 8 seconds. Considering that a magazine has 12 darts, it means that three darts can be fired within 2 seconds.

In the test, we could shoot the darts without the extended gun barrel up to 25 meters. Unfortunately, the arrows at this distance only hit the target. From a certain distance, the arrows fly out of their orbit and so it is difficult to really hit their opponent on longer distances. With the extended rifle barrel, we could see a slight improvement in accuracy. What we also had to realize, is that we lost at the same time in range. With the extended rifle barrel, we have only come to just under 20 meters. Tip: Leave the extended gun barrel away. It does not look so cool without it, but you have a bit more reach and above all is more mobile!

Regarding the speed of the darts. Again, we were able to achieve better results with shots without the extended run than with. This also speaks once more to omit this add-on simply.

All in all, the N-Strike Elite XD Nerf Retaliator is a successful Nerf with the design and the launch speed (especially for single fire), which you must not hide in Nerf battles. However, it still leaves some wishes to open in scope and accuracy. So watch as close as possible to your opponents before you shoot the Nerf Retaliator!

The darts of the Nerf Retaliator

For the test, we have tested various darts from Nerf and have found that these actually make a difference! So we have with other than the standard supplied darts, better reach and better accuracy. After many tests, we also saw slight wear on the darts. So if you want to get the last bit of performance from the Nerf XD Retaliator, you should buy additional darts from Nerf. Make sure that these arrows fit into the Nerf Retaliator magazine as well!


On the whole, the Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Retaliator is not a bad part. You get a whole range of cool accessories, 12 darts, good handling, the new 2014 color palette, good construction quality and reasonable performance. Altogether, the Nerf Retaliator makes a good blaster pack, with which you can have a lot of fun. It is especially cool to test different accessories in combination with the blaster – depending on the Nerf scenario. Something disappointing is the performance of the included darts (but you can exchange), but the Nerf Retaliator is a Nerf Blaster, which we can recommend.

Nerf Retaliator at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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