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Nerf Reflex Review – Nerf Reflex IX-1 Mod

We had to consider writing a review about the Nerf Reflex IX-1 seriously – ultimately, as you can see, we decided to do it.

Why? Because we noticed that some vendors specify the Nerf Reflex as the N-Strike Elite Blaster, we would like to tell you that it is not a Nerf Elite. The Nerf Reflex is just a repaint, which is what we think every vendor should know! But now to the test report of the Blaster.

Nerf Reflex Review


  • Good to invite friends/family/colleagues to the Nerf world
  • Small and therefore well transportable
  • No jamming of the darts


  • Small but still bigger than the Jolt
  • Cheap but comparatively expensive to the good nerf guns
  • Modest performance

Design and ergonomics

With such a small Nerf Gun, there is not much to say about the design. Also not whether it is optically beautiful or not beautifully designed. The N-Strike Reflex IX-1 is one of the smallest available nerf guns and only a little bigger than the N-Strike Jolt, which is also “only” a repaint if you put it in the elite colors. In 2009 the reflex came in the yellow color on the market. In 2013, as a repaint in the elite colors, she once again saw the blasters scene. You can also read our Best Nerf Gun Ever Reviews to buy your favorite one.

Due to its size, the mini-bobbin fits in almost every jacket pocket. The Tactical Rail, which you find on top of the Reflex IX-1, is just as big as the Blaster: Mini. We can not describe it as a gripping and well-positioned hand. He is just too small for that. They are held in principle with the thumb, middle finger and additionally the pointing finger for the shooting.

Handling and Performance

With this mini blaster, you can still reach approx. 8.5 meters with a straight posture and approx. 12 meters with an angled shot. Unfortunately, it does not succeed every time and so dropping some darts just out of the Nerf Reflex IX-1. As a front loader, you must always reload them after each shot. Is it also not possible to attach a magazine – as in size? That’s why you get to a maximum shot in two seconds. If you’re quite fast, you can make it a bit faster.

If you are interested in it, there is a tuning spring for the reflex, which is due to the “low” price of Nerf but more than the blaster itself.

Nerf Reflex IX-1 Mod


What exactly did Hasbro think about this blaster, if you can talk about such a thing at all? It is assumed that they wanted to enable newcomers to get an entry into the Nerf scene with a mini blaster for little money. Often, you only need a little push to get something right. Well, the Nerf Reflex is all right. Whether as a small fun gift for a friend or for the little grandson who comes to visit over the weekend – this mini-bar is ideal for both.

We can also remember that several Nerf reflexes have been offered as a package – if someone has thought about putting things in the office and putting on his colleagues. If you are already in the nerf scene, you do not need this blaster. Would you like to inspire friends or family? Then she brings you in any case (!) – or stop the Jolt, Even if we do not assume that the Starfleet Nerf Veterans will admit to the Reflex IX-1, you can improve their performance with an additionally available tuning spring, although we think it’s a great achievement because of its size, which one would expect from her. By the way, the N-Strike Elite XD Triad might be a good alternative for people looking for a mini-bomb.

Nerf Reflex at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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