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Nerf Rebelle Review – Nerf Rebelle Bow Review

Nerf Rebelle Review

With the Nerf Rebelle series, manufacturer Hasbro has launched its product line for cool girls. Brash colors, stylish designs, and neat firepower make the Rebelle Blaster the perfect toy for little and big girls.

These Nerfs stand out especially with their exotic and beautifully decorated shapes: There are various crossbows and bows as well as some chic blasters.

Again, we have again featured our favorite models for you, so you’ll certainly catch a decent Nerf rebel at purchase. So whether you’re planning on hosting a little Nerf-War with your siblings or your main concern is to keep your colleagues in the office a bit on the trap, with our recommended winners and tips you’re always well served – have fun!

Hasbro designed nerf Rebelle, so girls can finally give the boys a ****! Their slogan “Step Up and Stand Out” (stand up and make yourself noticeable) underlines this. Hasbro gives them the long-awaited toy in their hands so they can take on the boys. The Nerf Rebelle series hit the market in the fall of 2013 and has since become very popular with girls across all countries. 
The Rebelle Blasters are designed specifically for girls. This can also be seen directly in the color scheme (purple and pink tones) as well as in special features that can be found on each of the blasters and bows. Unlike the N-Strike Elite series, which relies more on realistic blasters, the rebels were designed smoother and more fantastic – some even completely new and different blasters were launched on the market. Noteworthy: These blasters have a better performance than the normal N-Strike series. The performance (for example, with ranges of 20 meters) is comparable to those of the N-Strike Elite series and is the boy’s models in any way after!

Hasbro wants to promote the social vein of the girls with this series. How to settle with the Nerf Rebel Messengershoot secret messages! With a special pen (hidden in the blaster), the girls can provide both symbols and words on their darts and send them to their friends. To read a decoder is, of course, necessary, which is installed directly in the rebel blaster. Thus, you can stop the curiosity of the boys and keep secrets from your secret! And do not worry. A dart once labeled is not lost. The messages can be wiped with a cloth, which allows the darts to be used several times. The color selection of the darts differs in some cases significantly from those of other series and allows girlfriends to collect their darts and swap among themselves.

As with the other series, Hasbro has made the Nerf Rebel Blasters the utmost care in safety. The daft darts have been specially designed to prevent injuries. Carefree games and games are guaranteed. Nevertheless, there are differences in the blasters in different countries. Due to special laws in some countries, Hasbro has had to lower the performance of some models to be approved for the market. These blasters are usually recognizable by their gray trigger. The “good ones” have a pink deduction and are usually more efficient.

In addition to the blasters, the Super Soakers of the Nerf Rebelle came on the market in 2014. With this, girls can now challenge the boys for the beach and have a lot of fun! Not tried yet? Then you should make up for it very soon. The next summer is not far away, and you do not want to miss the fun if you want to culm the guys with ice-cold water!

You see, Nerf is no longer just a boys toy! Whether you want to face them on the beach or in garden battles is entirely up to you. The tool is now available with the Nerf Rebelle Blaster! And secretly: You have with the feature “secret message” a tremendous advantage over the guys! Of course, this can also be used in all other areas of life to hide your secrets from your eyes.

Nerf Rebelle Super Stripes Collection Exclusive Rapid Glow Blaster
17 Reviews
Nerf Rebelle Super Stripes Collection Exclusive Rapid Glow Blaster
  • Rapid Glow blaster fires darts up to 75 feet
  • Fast-reloading clip charges your darts
  • Comes with 10 glow-in-the-dark darts, clip & instructions
  • Watch darts streak toward their target in low light
  • For ages 8 and up - Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included).

Nerf Rapid Glow Review

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow (Vine Design)
346 Reviews
Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow (Vine Design)
  • Heartbreaker Bow blaster has real bow action
  • Blaster fires darts up to 75 feet
  • Accessory rail lets you add accessories (sold separately)
  • Adjustable sight and removable dart storage accessory
  • Includes 5 collectible darts

Nerf Heartbreaker Bow Review

Nerf rebel bows

A Nerf bow is characterized mainly by its impressive size and appearance. Also, the firing mechanism with the realistic tendon provides an authentic feel and often allows for greater range. By far the most fun we had with the rebel mystery bow, which brings with its special soft arrows an even more realistic feeling.

Nerf Rebelle crossbows

Nerf crossbows are the little sisters of the big bows: They are small and handy, but can also compete well with their range and precision. The Rebelle crossbow pleases us, thanks to the low price and good performance, especially good.

Nerf rebel pistols

Of course, the good old blasters cannot be missing in the arsenal of rebels and agents. Our clear favorite here is the model “Sweet Revenge” – here are clear parallels to the Hammershot to recognize, which we are among the best compact blaster or Nerf pistols ever.

Dear, what for the summer? The rebel water pistols:

In summer, the Super Soaker models by Nerf Rebelle bring much more fun – play, fun, and refreshment. If you want to take a closer look at these water pistols, have a look at our article:  ▷ Nerf Rebelle Water Pistol.

We particularly liked the model Triple Threat, which looks like a crossbow and can fire three beams at the same time. For fans of bows, there is the stylish Dolphina Bow. Of course, we’ll also show you where to buy this Nerf Rebel!

Nerf rebel arrows, darts, and more accessories!

Of course, you can buy the Nerf Rebel Arrows in stock or buy them if you got lost. The arrows for the mystery bow can be found here: ▷ To the offer on Amazon. You can also find the normal messenger darts there if you find a little something on offer. Something funny we find that Hasbro on the packaging of the rebel arrows indicates a maximum range of 25 yards – which you can certainly outbid it or?

Accurate with the rebel target

If you’re still unsure how to handle your bow and arrow, the Nerf Rebel Target will help you improve your accuracy. You can buy these in bundles together with the Star Shot – of course, you can use them with every blaster, every crossbow or every rebel bow!

Is it possible to buy Rebelle spare parts for bows & Co.?

Quite often appears in the case of particularly careful buyers in the network the question: Are there Nerf Rebelle spare parts for bows and arrows? We can understand that one or the other buyer would like to throw the spare tendon in the shopping cart, but we can reassure you: the blasters are not that fragile! Especially in girls’ hands they usually last at least until a new toy is the object of desire anyway. Then you can see beyond that – to our knowledge – there are no spare parts to buy.

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