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Nerf Mega Thunderbow Review – Nerf Mega Thunderbow Mod

The N-Strike Elite Nerf Mega Thunderbow was announced in 2014 and launched on the market. Nerf Gun was a big hit because the year 2014 can only be called “the year of the bow.” He has made an incredible comeback thanks to pop culture and prominent support such as “Walking Dead,” “Tribute of Panem,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Merida (Disney’s Brave)” and of course “The Avengers.”

Nerf Mega Thunderbow Review


  • Incredible range !!!
  • Surprisingly high Feurrate
  • Whistling arrows for a cool feeling


  • Arrows slide out front when not used properly
  • quite large with 76 cm

Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster
380 Reviews
Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster
  • Mega Thunder Bow blaster has real bow action and flexing bow arms
  • Fires up to 100 feet and for age 8 years and up
  • Includes 10 Mega Darts
  • Fires 5 Mega Darts at a time without reloading
  • Mega Darts scream through the air

Hasbro Manager said in an interview that the N-Strike Elite Nerf Mega Thunderbow was created as a counterpart to the girl Nerf-Gun “Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow.” It was probably a lot of guys, and Nerf-Gun fans wanted a mänliches counterpart. Whether this is true, we can not say exactly. The community, especially on Reddit, expressed its opinion to a large extent skeptical. In any case, the Nerf Mega Thunderbow is far from the conventional Nerf guns, because it is based on the tension of the tendon. Is it cheap?

Naturally, it would have been natural to re-launch the Heartbreaker and adapt it to the male target group with a wild and dark design. However, the Nerf designers went even further and made the bow Nerf-War-capable. Its female counterpart must be loaded manually after every shot, and to solve the foam arrow at all, the tendon has to be pulled out 60cm – do it on the back of a couch or another battlefield!

The design has been improved with the Nerf Mega Thunderbow so that it can hold five darts and shoot them one after the other as soon as the tendon is pulled out and released (single fire). Thus, the shot frequency and handling are significantly better – but the bow feeling is no longer given. Ten foam arrows are supplied, therefore enough for two magazines.

Design and ergonomics

The Nerf Mega Thunderbow is surprisingly big, which certainly helps the sale and allows for a bit more Bad Ass feeling, but on the other hand, many fans say that they feel it as a bit clumsy and awkward … a little as if you were sticking an arch handle to an ax head …

It is also noticeable that contrary to most Nerf guns the packaging already shows much of the bow. Usually, this is not the case – does Hasbro want to emphasize its differentness?

Handling and performance

Despite the slightly chunky impression, we can not complain about weight distribution and grip. The shooting mechanism of the Nerf Mega Thunderbow is an interesting combination of repeating rifle and Legolas bow. On the tendon are colored markings which indicate the optimal grip. But what does not matter, you can pull the tendon as you are funny, because not the tendon turn the dart sharp but the bow arms of the N-Strike Elite Nerf Mega Thunderbow.

That is, unlike some older nerf guns, the tendon is not connected to the firing mechanism, but the flexible arms (which jump backward when shooting). Whether you have drawn extensively is on display on the back of the Blaster-head to see, this is the green.

You need a bit more tactical skill for this most reliable nerf gun, even if you can shoot five darts without reloading, but you have to pull out the tendon far enough each time – that takes longer than a finger at the trigger. Nevertheless, the shooting feels strangely decoupled from the shooting process – who wants Bowl feeling or Elbenblut in the veins is wrong here. The N-Strike Elite Nerf Mega Thunderbow is a good compromise between compatibility and style for all who are on sci-fi arches.

N-Strike Elite Mega Thunderbow: Performance

The Nerf Mega Thunderbow was the first Nerf-Gun we have tested, which not only keeps what it promises but surpasses. Incredible 31.48 m he has made on a clear day in the park! Surely you do not have to do this exact distance and yes, to equalize the ballistic track, you hold the bow almost over the head. Nevertheless, performance is considerable. Also, if the tendon is stretched only a little, the arrows flutter less than a meter on the bow. Therefore, shot strength and wide hanging in fact along with the pull. What is cooler than his opponent full in the *! “$ § #! To be able to shoot, after a strong move – only to beat!

However, these diabolic thoughts soon reappear, when one notices that the 22m / s flight speed just enough to hold the foam arrows stable. For this, however, the fire rate extremely satisfied, in spite of the required pull-out can one with a bit exercise all five rounds in under 2 seconds submit! This requires only a bit of fingertip sensation, the tendon runs smoothly, but one exaggerates, the second dart partly does not disengage.

Nerf Mega Thunderbow Mod

Nerf Mega Thunderbow at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability


The N-Strike Elite Nerf Mega Thunderbow has the advantage of being able to beat the opponents of the Thunderbolt.

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