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Nerf Mega Magnus Review – Nerf Mega Magnus Mod Guide

As the title suggests, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Megamundus has convinced us little. With the CycloneShock, we have a look at a Mega-Blaster some time ago, which also makes the name MEGA all honor. Why the Mega Magnus does not convince us, you can read in this report or you can read the Best Nerf Gun Ever Reviews to Buy the best one.

Nerf Mega Magnus Review


  • Cool design
  • SingleLoading


  • Weak performance
  • Reasonable reloading
  • Darts must be squeezed when reloading
  • Magazine too small
NERF N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster
  • Magnus blaster fires Mega Darts farther than ever
  • Mega Whistler Darts fly 85 feet and scream as they fly
  • 3-dart capacity
  • Top-loading clip lets you reload fast one-handed
  • Magnus blaster works with Mega Darts only

Design and ergonomics of Magnus

This blaster is one of the smaller ones and ranks in the ranks of the One-Handblaster. We are quite impressed by the Magnus. Especially since the chunky stem gives power and strength.

The handle of the Nerf Mega Magnus is relatively small – especially for adults and teenagers, it is anything but a pleasure to hold this blaster in hand. If you can not hold the handle with the full hand, it looks a bit poor and does not necessarily mean that you know what you are doing. But this holds true for adults – otherwise, it is in the case of children where the handle size is appropriate. Especially since the Blaster has an age-recommendation from 8 years. It should not be too heavy with about half a kilo, but it is a bit straighter.

The Nerf Mega Magnus has an internal magazine, which makes it possible to load up to three Mega-Dartpfeile. To do so, you just have to pull the load piston back and insert the darts. Unfortunately, this is also easier said than done. Something you have to squeeze the darts yet, so they also find their place in the magazine. Whether we have the time for a battle, we dare to doubt. The easiest way is to insert the darts into the magazine by first inserting them into the front and then pushing them downwards.

But it is also possible to single-loading a dart from the front through the barrel into the blaster. This is in our eyes an advantage when charging.

Handling and Performance

For handling, we have already lost a few words. For the older ones, the blaster is a bit difficult to hold due to the small grip. The mega darts are slightly bigger than the elite darts, which does not necessarily make them more precise. After looking at a few reports from the English-speaking area, we can only underline this.

In the Reichsweitentest we have come to approx. 12 meters with a horizontal shot and on a tight 16 meters when shooting in an angled position. The Blaster jammed now and then and unfortunately we had to find that the Dartpfeile after extensive use showed active wear marks.

The Blaster is not the best example of accuracy. Already at 5 m distance, it ‘s hard to meet smaller targets like cans.

Nerf Mega Magnus Mod


The Nerf Mega Magnus cannot be highly recommended – unless you just want to buy it for the look. We can not handle the insufficient range, the lack of accuracy, the small magazine, the complicated reloading process (apart from single-loading), the small grip and the meager overall performance. All in all, we are quite disappointed with this model. Especially with the CycloneShock yes is already a good blaster of the mega series on the market is and better hopes.

A tester from the Blaster Review team did quite well by saying that the Nerf Mega Magnus looks pretty cool. But even as long as you cannot fire him. Unfortunately, the darts can be thrown as far as the blaster shoots them …

Certainly, you could raise the Mega Magnus by a little tuning on a better performance level. But why, if one has thereby, on the one hand, more expenditure and additionally the necessary parts must buy? Then you can also buy the CycloneShock or Strongarm.

Nerf Mega Magnus at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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