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Nerf Longshot CS-12 Review – Nerf Longshot CS-12 Mod Guide

When we saw the Zombie Strike Nerf Longshot CS-12, we (as certainly many) they would necessarily hold in our hands. Especially since Nerf Battles can also be promised some of a blaster with sniper properties. Whether the Longshot CS-12 the only zombie looks or is synonymous regarding performance so behave, we have tested for you. We have also Tested all nerf guns in the world and Choose the best nerf gun ever for you?

Nerf Longshot CS-12 Review


  • 12er magazine – for a sniper fully sufficient
  • Great modding potential
  • You can also take the darts in your hand and throw at your opponents!


  • Too little range for a sniper
  • Running extension with a front gun and two bones missing
  • Bad performance
  • Great Darts Destruction Potential
NERF Zombie Strike ZED Squad Longshot CS-12 Blaster
336 Reviews
NERF Zombie Strike ZED Squad Longshot CS-12 Blaster
  • Awesome Longshot CS-12 blaster
  • Quick Reload clip holds 12 darts
  • Long-range targeting scope
  • Includes blaster, scope, 12 darts, 12-dart clip and instructions
  • Toy

Design and ergonomics

As discussed many times on the Internet, the Zombie Strike Nerf Longshot CS-12 looks very similar to the Nerf Longshot CS-6 from times before. Some call the zombie counterpart as a copy with other colors. We can not be quite wrong with them. Although the front was somewhat shorter than in its predecessor (run extension and biped has been omitted in a new edition), the blaster has a strong similarity, especially in the middle and the back. The coloring itself, however, we have succeeded. A zombie design has it all, and we could imagine the Nerf Longshot CS-12 also very well in movies or video games like Resident Evil.

Included in the delivery is, of course, the Blaster itself with a target telescope, a 12-dart magazine, and the associated Nerf Zombie Strike Darts. One thing in advance: Whether the target telescope is now set up or not does not matter. The only difference it makes is the overall appearance. If the target telescope is not appropriate, you already have the feeling that something is missing. You have to say that it is nice to have the telescope in the package. Especially when you consider that you almost have to spend a fortune to buy it individually.

A certain advantage to the original Longshot makes the 12er magazine. After all, instead of just six, it now has twice the amount of ammunition. Also, a further magazine can be used as a replacement magazine in the rear shoulder support. It does not exist there at all and still allows freedom of movement. And where we are at the shoulder support. It is adjustable – that means you can push it forward (does not feel good), but also leave behind. Unfortunately, God’s support bracket is so weak that it slides forward when something too much pressure is applied to it (for example, if you place it too strongly against your shoulder). If you have your finger on the trigger at the moment, that will not please your hand! In that case, we hope you have pavement and bandage.

The release button for the magazine is just as on the Nerf Longshot CS-12 only on one side. Left-handers should, therefore, learn to shoot with right or just learn to deal with that some blaster is not times perfect.

The handle feels good. You have the Blaster fully under control, and the balance is also well done. With the size of the blaster with the “lean” weight of approx. 1.5 kg can be quickly guessed that there is a lot of space in the blaster. Except for the handle and the balance, the processing could have been better in our eyes – we have at least seen better already, and from a new edition, one should also expect better than the predecessor. As bad as a zombie she *** looks, but it is not synonymous.

Handling and performance

To get it straight to the point. We are disappointed by the fulfillment of the Zombie Strike Nerf Longshot CS-12. Whether it is regarding speed of the darts or in the range. The new edition of Zombie Longshot could not convince us in any way. With just 14 m / s (about 50 km / h) it remains a lot of the speeds, which can be reached with an Elite Blaster (about 75 km / h).

It is also not surprising that the range remains at a very weak 15 meters. And this is achieved only by darting the darts in an angled position. Anything but what you can expect from a Sniper Blaster! To sum it up – if you want to keep your backs up in your Nerf battles, just put yourself in front of your opponents so that they can attack you rather than your colleagues. With the Nerf Longshot CS-12, you will not win any point.

We also had to conclude that the Longshot does not deal with the darts very carefully – loading and disengaging the darts were there. The best way to buy a replacement package for Zombie darts is when you choose the Nerf Longshot CS-12. Or you just buy the darts, take them in your hand and throw them at your opponents. We have more than 15 meters of throwing space.

This is almost everything there is to say. The fire rate is also not outstanding. However, we did not expect this from the outset.

Nerf Longshot CS-12 Mod


The outcome in the form of an elevator pitch: The Zombie-Longshot CS-12 is comfortable to hold, well-balanced, can carry two magazines 12 darts and looks cool. Oh and the telescope is free in the package. That was it. Because if you expect more, we can not advise you to buy. There is simply better blaster on the market.

If you are a modder, you can certainly get rid of the performance problems. But then you can also take another blaster and pimp it to a sniper (like the Stryfe ).

Nerf Longshot CS-12 at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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