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Nerf Flipfury Review – Nerf Flipfury Mod – Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury Blaster Review

The Zombie Strike Nerf FlipFury has a comic, maybe even childish name. But behind it is quite far more than one would expect!

While some Blaster on the market were equipped with everything possible Schnicknnack – yes one even wonders, what exactly the developers thought thereby – we found the Nerf FlipFury pretty much everything right! This starts with the (especially for children) super cool Zombie Strike Style and stops with the good performance. We’ll show you on this blaster test.

Nerf Flipfury Review


  • Change of magazines makes super fun
  • Cool appearance
  • Respectable Performance
  • Good grip
  • Reloading is not elegantly solved


  • The too fast firing of the dart arrows increases the susceptibility to load inhibition.

Design and ergonomics

The Zombie FlipFury is even more comfortable with the larger items among us, and the handle feels comfortable. Due to the two drum magazines, it is slightly front-loaded, but the other properties but well compensate. If you want, you can still modify the blaster later, if you want (for example, target telescope).

What about the two drums at the front end of the Nerf FlipFury? It’s simple: the darts are in there! And no, they do not shoot at the same time (unfortunately or luckily?) From both magazines. The lower drum magazine is more of a kind of reserve. Both magazines can be equipped with six darts each. As soon as you have fired the first six, you can trigger a rotation using the (second) trigger, with which the two magazines are exchanged. This is fun to watch. After the fast exchange of the magazines, the zombie hunt can continue.

The FlipFury has a certain BadAss look that you can expect from a zombie blaster. For older people, the design may seem a bit childish, but we have to remember that the zombie series is certainly dedicated to the younger generation. And the design is cool! Somehow, the zombie look reminds something of a comic book blaster. This design is certainly more surreal that there are some others – the Rhino Fire, for example, has not separated too much from reality (apart from size, of course). Zombies are not in real life, right?

The two triggers are optimally localized. The upper shoots the darts from the blaster, while the lower one triggers the rotation of the magazines. At first sight, one would assume that the lower trigger is a little unfavorable and one inadvertently triggers it. But do not worry, it should not happen for as long as the middle finger catches the grip. And with the pointing finger, you are (hopefully) also at the trigger for the darts. For the exchange of the magazines, you only have to stretch out your middle finger and pull the second trigger.

What one has to mention negatively is the pronounced similarity to the Xcess of X-Shot from the year 2012. From a different angle of view, one could also simply say that the Nerf FlipFury is the extended Strongarm.

Handling and performance

As already mentioned, the Zombie Nerf FlipFury is quite well in hand. Regarding range, we were able to reach a distance of approx. 25 meters (with an angled shot). However, as usual, and with other blasters, the accuracy decreases with the distance to the target.

The Fury has a clear deficiency in the reloading process. For the lower magazine, two openings are allowed, where the darts can be inserted from the front. The magazine must then be turned slightly (the lower one is freely rotatable, while the upper one is registered) to be able to insert the next one. This can take some time compared to other blasters. Alternatively, one could also actuate the rotary trigger and lock the drums with the second hand. This allows both magazines to be reloaded simultaneously and faster. Unfortunately, the advantage of using one magazine for the fight is to use the advantage while you reload the other.

Also, you have to be careful not to fire too fast, since it can then occasionally come to charge inhibitions. Nevertheless, with this Blaster a decent value of three darts can be achieved in two seconds. What is also important: Make sure that the darts are also fully inserted into the chambers during the reloading process since the drums cannot be rotated any more.

What you can assume is that the drum mechanism (rotation of both magazines) of the Nerf FlipFury will wear off after some time. There is nothing like this in our tests. So it should take very, very long before this mechanism wears off. You can also read the best nerf gun reviews to buy the best one. 

Nerf Flipfury Mod


After all, we have seen, we can recommend the Zombie Strike Nerf FlipFury quiet conscience. Of course, only if you are not immediately annoyed if your child plays with you if you hold your coffee cups in the hand.

In any case, every child – whether girl or boy – or the older ones among us – will have fun with it, and for this reason, the Fury is an absolute bargain!

Nerf Flipfury at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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