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Nerf CrossBolt Review – Nerf CrossBolt Mod- Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt

The N-Strike Elite Nerf CrossBolt is fully up-to-date with the American crossbow madness. Crossbows are simply cool and have become even more popular thanks to Walking Dead (Daryl Dixon). The design is trendy and chic, but not as innovative as you might think at first. Finally, Hasbro has combined only the bullpup design of the Elite Rayven with the N-Strike Elite Nerf CrossBolt (Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-12 Sting) with a bit of crossbow feeling. “Bullpups are cool; crossbows are a big hit, let’s combine them” must have thought the nerf gun designers of Hasbro.

Nerf CrossBolt Review


  • Respectable hit accuracy
  • Excellent range


  • Beautiful design details, but the deficient balance
  • Unfortunately bad ergonomics
Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt Blaster
428 Reviews
Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt Blaster
  • CrossBolt blaster has real crossbow action
  • Includes 12 Elite darts
  • Fires darts up to 90 feet
  • 12-dart clip
  • Includes CrossBolt blaster, 12-dart clip, 12 Elite darts, and instructions. Please watch the video for instructions & for technical support please contact Hasbro at 800-255-5516.

Bullpups, like the Stinger Aug, famous for counterstrike, have their magazine in the shoulder support and thus behind the handle! Crossing with a crossbow is a good idea because you can theoretically save weight and use more of the run for the darts – with the same run length. Of course, you can also keep the barrel length and achieve a more compact design of the Nerf Gun.

In fact, the Nerf CrossBolt turns out to be unique in its design. Apart from the Elite Rayven and the Firefly REV-8, there are no other Nerf guns in the bullpup layout. Another unique feature of the Nerf CrossBolt is the number of lock gates because there are two instead of the usual one. One of them is attached to the clip, and one before the action mechanism of the darts is accelerated. Right here, we also see a danger for annoying fiddling, because when the dart gets stuck first, it is difficult to get it back from the blaster. On Amazon, we already found a first customer review, where exactly that happened. Since the Nerf is still so new, the time will show if we upgrade for nothing. You can read the best nerf gun ever reviews before taking a purchase decision.

The third special feature is rather sad. The Nerf CrossBolt is the only Nerf Gun with which you can attach neither a shoulder rest nor a run extension.

Design and ergonomics

On the published and partly “leaked” photos of Hasbro, the Elite CrossBolt looks just madness. Experience teaches, however, that the higher the emotions boil and the anticipation grows, the deeper can be the case. BUT! The design has succeeded! Only a few weaknesses have pushed us bitterly, which we would not have expected from Hasbro. A good example of this is the orange tones. Exactly, here stand orange tones (plural), whereby the variation ranges from salmon-colored to construction work. We would have assumed that in 2015, the times of inadequate production control are over, perhaps we were at the forefront. The N-Strike elite Nerf CrossBolt’s throwing arms are also a bit too short about the blaster, which makes them seem like unimportant appendages,

The design of the Nerf CrossBolt is by no means so bad that no fans will find it, just the modding possibilities through the crossover of Bullpup and Crossbow are fantastic. Both LARP, Zombie Survival and Steampunk fans will know how to use it.

The N-Strike elite Nerf CrossBolt has also received criticism since the ergonomics could have turned out better – these have probably been sacrificed at the expense of the design. The handle is too bulky, and you have to bend your wrist – no matter how you hold the crossbolt. The bullpup handle is easy in the way and the upper leg ratchet over the arm frequently. Also, the rear sight and grain targeting mechanism are not optimal for the blaster, the posture is cramped and feels strange when aiming.

Handling and performance

It ‘s hard to use the N-Strike Elite Nerf CrossBolt, but the performance comforts us a little over design poor handling. In the test came the Nerf CroosBolt on very good 25.30 meters! This is surprisingly strong, considering the fact that the string accelerates the dart. At first, we had to make sure that the darts were accelerated faster and a faster flight speed was reached, but a measurement did not confirm this. It is more likely that the relatively long run stabilizes the darts better and thus the more reach is reached. Very positive, we were also surprised by the hit accuracy. In the case of several shots, the foam arrow averted only 4.6 meters, which is better than the Nerf Gun cut.

In every nerf battle, of course, it is also about weapon advantages like shot frequency and magazine size – how many generations of hopeful Nerfer already died with a dart between the eyes when reloading? The Foam Death He came for many too early …

The magazine size of the Nerf CrossBolt is a decent 12 foam arrows, which may not be enough to cover fire but still, keep one alive. The 12 darts are shot in 8.3 seconds, which gives a shot frequency of 1.4 darts per second – not famous, but for a blaster with pull-out string quite well.

Nerf CrossBolt Mod


Is the Nerf CrossBolt worth their money? This is very hard to say; we did not have fun through the poor ergonomics. On the other hand, it looks unique and offers great modding options. We see this as a great plus for the scene. The performance was, for a standard Nerf product, also outstanding. Range and accuracy were in each case over the Nerf medium. Nevertheless, we think that this Nerf Gun is mainly something for crossbow fans and Modder and less well suited for Nerf battles. For this, the ergonomics are simply not good enough and the risk of jamming too high. If you do not mind convulsive handling, you can look forward to a compact and powerful blaster with crossbow feel and bullpup design.

Nerf Cross Bolt at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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