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Nerf Barricade Review – Nerf Barricade Mod – Nerf Barricade RV-10 Review

As a predecessor to the Nerf Elite Stockade, the Nerf Barricade RV-10 2010, equipped with a semi-automatic (semi-automatic), has been launched under the flag of the N-Strike series. For operation, the Blaster needs 3 AA batteries. Since these are usually not included in the package, please make sure that you have such batteries at home – not that the fun of such a simple failed. What else is there to know about the Nerf Barricade, you can be brief and concise Read our Best Nerf Gun Ever Reviews.

Nerf Barricade Review


  • High fire rate through semi-automatic
  • Strong one-hand blaster
  • Voltage Mod available


  • Low range in the standard version
  • Volume destroys any surprise moment
  • Missing shoulder rest in package
Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10
149 Reviews
Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10
  • Motorized, semi-auto blaster features a 10-dart revolving barrel for action-packed blasting excitement
  • Blaster features a tactical rail and stock attachment
  • Blaster comes with 10 Whistler darts and instructions
  • Toy
  • Nerf

Design and ergonomics

The Nerf Barricade RV-10 is a small (about 33 cm long and 0.85 kg) motorized single-handed blaster. Similarly, you can hold two blasters in your hands at the same time and thus double the double amount of darts on your opponents! The Barricade is compatible with various shoulder rests, such as the Nerf Raider, the Recon CS-6 or the Spectre REV-5. The optics of the Blasterlauf according to one could assume that one attaches appropriate attachments/run extensions. This is unfortunately not the case – apart from the individual modding possible.

This Nerf Gun is equipped with a revolver cylinder magazine, which can be equipped with up to 10 darts at the same time. It is also not limited to a special type of dart, but can also use other models that fit into the magazine. On the top of the blaster is a common jogging device called “Jam Door,” to be able to release jammed darts. When the sliding door is opened, the motor stops, so that even a finger is not pinched into the “flywheels.” Behind the sliding door is the Tactical Rail, on which various Nerf accessories can be installed. Grip and trigger are nice, not too small and not too big. Above the handle is a small switch that turns on the engine and turns the flywheel to rotate.

In its original version, the Nerf Barricade RV-10 came out in the N-Strike colors yellow, orange and black. Since then, however, he has always been reissued – but without changing the technique. The Nerf Gun is also found in the Toys “R” Us exclusive series Sonic in the clear green. Hasbro has set up the Nerf Barricade for promotional action on various comic conses in Transformer costumes – once at Optimus Prime (2011, San Diego) and once in Bumblebee Design (2011, New York). The Barricade also took its place in the Gear Up series. This almost exclusively orange (with few black and gray accents) is officially not available anymore, however.

Nerf Barricade RV-10 Mod

Handling and performance

As soon as the Flywheel mechanism is switched on, the Nerf Barricade makes a sound, as we find, still bearable. However, so loud, that a surprise moment is almost impossible. In the standard version as you find it on the shelf, you can only reach a little 10 meters range. To increase the performance, you can use the Blizzard tuning set, especially for the Barricade. The lithium-ion accumulators increase the operating voltage, which makes the flywheels spin more quickly and thus increases the speed and range of the dart arrows.

What the Nerf Barricade misses in the standard version at the range, it retrieves in point of fire rate again. With up to 4 darts per second (depending on how fast your pointer finger is) she is in no way inferior to other Nerf guns. However, if you take full advantage of this, you will lose some of your range. Therefore, you should limit the fire rate to still good 2 to 3 darts per second.

The Barricade RV-10 is one of the more accurate blasters – but here and there with a few outliers. However, this may also be due to the short range. Jammings are also hardly noticed with us (usually when the Blaster was held downwards obliquely) and if however these could quickly be solved by the Jam Door.

The reloading process is quite simple. In principle, the darts simply have to be inserted into the front of the cylinder. You have to turn the cylinder magazine a bit because otherwise, you cannot load all the darts. You can either press the trigger or turn the cylinder by hand. As mentioned above, the Nerf Barricade is a semi-automatic one-sandblaster. If it comes to the simultaneous reloading of both nerf guns, however, some skill and exercise is required, since one blaster now needs two hands, a total of four, if you want to recharge both at the same time😉


It would be nice if the shoulder support were in the package. This is actually what we have mainly missed. The weak range can be easily expanded with the voltage mod of Blasterparts. If you want to use other mod kits, please make sure that the operating voltage is not increased too much. Otherwise, wear will result, and you will not have long fun with the Nerf Gun.

To enlarge the magazine: We have read about a few modders that have changed the magazine so that they can now also connect clip system-based magazine to the Nerf Barricade. This, of course, also increases the fire pass, but also requires a little extra effort than the installation of the voltage mod.

With the additional features that can be realized, the Nerf Barricade provides a lot of fun! For indoor, however, the standard version is also sufficient.

Nerf Barricade RV-10 at a Glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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