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Nerf Accustrike Review – Nerf Accustrike Raptor Strike Review

The price for the Best Nerf Guns with the most intrusive name goes to the N-Strike Elite Accustrike Raptor Strike. After all, one has managed to put the word “Strike” three times, the Raptor part probably being for firepower and the “Accu” certainly derived from Accuracy (Accuracy).

The Accustrike is to be the new precision miracle child of the Nerf Gun family and is aimed both at appearance and handling at Sniper fans. Despite the sparkling design and the nifty Nerf orange, she is very similar to a GOL Sniper Magnum, as many people still know from Counterstrike, which was crossed with a crossbow. Nice!

Nerf Accustrike Review

Hasbro, therefore, missed not only her moving feet (bi-pod) but also a targeting device and bolt action. The Accustrike Raptorstrike is, of course, advertised with the new AccuStrike darts, which promise a much more stable flight path than the conventional Nerf Darts. The Nerf Raptor Strike is nevertheless compatible with all standard elite darts.

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike
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Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike
  • This version comes in simple brown packaging
  • Part of the AccuStrike Series
  • Bolt-action
  • Features 18 darts from the AccuStrike Series
  • Extendable bipod and pop-up sight.Do not modify darts or dart blaster

How the Accustrike Raptorstrike works

As mentioned, the new model of the N-Strike Elite series is aimed at all sniper and those who want it to be; the blaster is built accordingly. By pulling back and pulling the bolt, you load a dart from the magazine into the barrel and tighten the spring. Press the trigger to fire the dart.

So there are neither fly-wheels nor a semi-automatic, but that is so wanted because you may feel like a sniper – and they do not shoot around wildly.

The magazine is a practical six-point clip and is located quite far forward on the barrel, in reverse, the actual barrel is not half as long as it looks (generates too much friction), but there is plenty of space for the clamping device. Also, there is a spare clip in the shoulder piece, which can be released relatively easily with one hand, but still sits firmly enough not to fall.

Only the target disappointed, it is the pure waste and only for the Feeling attached, it consists only of a Plexiglasscheibe. Over the gray button at the end, the spring is released, which fixes the visor, and it pops upwards.

Nice, the priming indicator is in front of the visor, it shows us by a colored marking whether the spring is cocked and ready to shoot.


Certainly, the Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike is more for lovers and LARPers than for performance-conscious Nerf athletes, the firing speed is too low and the blaster too bulky. The precision is very good (for a nerf blister), but the range is not as impressive as expected for a “sniper.” With approximately 15 meters with angled shots (about 60 degrees), the AccuStrike is only in the middle. In the case of a flat trajectory, we are unfortunately only 9 meters.

Although the blaster is very comfortable to hold, it was not designed for shots from the movement. The very adjustable Bi-Pod is a good indication.

The bipod can be turned 180 degrees in any direction, and the feet can be changed separately by a click mechanism. For this, however, they are positioned somewhat unfavorably, because one has to keep the running with his supporting hand in front of them or behind them.

Most will not use this nice Tac-Rail attached addon. Where we are talking about Tac-rails, the Nerf Raptorstrike has only one thing, which is a shame.

Design of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Raptor Strike

The design of the Raptorstrike leaves nothing to be desired in our opinion. The Blaster looks super-cute, the colors correspond to the N-Strike Elite standards, and the processing is accustomed to high class.

This time, too, a lot of importance has been placed on a comfortable handgrip, which comes handguard, thumb rest and a magazine trigger that is opposite the trigger. The size of the handle is suitable for both small and large people, and all important controls can be reached comfortably.

The same applies to the shoulder strap, which sits firmly on and offers an actual benefit against the Nerf Modulus shoulder neck.

Nerf RaptorStrike Mod


The Nerf Accustrike Raptorstrike will surely never take a top list, but the range is too low, but precision and handling are very satisfying. If you do not want to rumble wild, but the sniper feel or a great model for modding, this is just right.

Nerf Accustrike at a glance
  • Reach
  • Hit Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Shoot Speed
  • Reliability

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